EU Referendum: Coral’s pollster v punter tracking as Remain stays favourite


Holly Thackeray | June 22, 2016

Polls v punters – who will be proven right on EU Referendum?

With less than 24 hours to go now before the polling booths open their doors for the United Kingdom to vote on the EU Referendum, Coral present this handy info-graphic to help punters decide where to pile their pounds.

Will the UK opt to Remain or Leave? As decision day on Thursday, June 23rd draws ever closer there is no clear front-runner, with politics pundits now placing emphasis on bookies’ betting patterns as well as official polls to garner the public mood.

Coral odds indicate that the Remain camp is still ahead and odds-on to win at 1/4, though this has lengthened significantly from 2/9 earlier in the week as both campaigns went on one last push to convince the public.

While, customers can back a Brexit at 11/4 after odds were slashed from 3/1 – could this be due to the Boris Johnson effect? On Tuesday evening, viewers tuned in to see the BBC’s Great Debate, with Johnson pitted against his successor as London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

In a campaign full of swings and roundabouts for both sides, as Leave made up significant ground across the past few months, Coral’s own pollsters contradict the betting and have Brexit now edging ahead with a 45 per cent lead and Remain cut to 44 per cent one day before voting.

Though, crucially, again according to Coral’s research, around 11 per cent of potential voters are still undecided on which box to tick. While The Times also adds that one in 10 people are yet to make up their minds, meaning those still on the fence could have significant sway in this increasingly unpredictable Referendum.

Which wagers are available with Coral?

Whether it is the polls or punters who prove to be correct in gauging Thursday’s results, aside from betting on the outright outcome of the EU Referendum with Coral, punters can also place a stake on a variety of other related betting markets.

According to the Electoral Commission’s provisional figures, there could be a record electoral turnout of over 46 million voters eligible to have their say. So, Coral have a turnout percentage of 68% or more priced at an odds-on 4/7, with less than 68% at 5/4.

Customers can plump to be more precise with our banded turnout bets on UK voters, which offers 65.01 per cent – 70 per cent at a 5/2 price.

Punters can also predict how each individual Home Nation will vote, with marvellous markets for the result in all of England (2/1 to vote Leave), Scotland (heavily odds-on at 1/66 to back Remain), Wales and Northern Ireland.

So, whatever the final swing in favour of exiting or staying put in the EU, keep up to date on all the market moves with Coral on our social media accounts.

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