Double Your Winnings up to £1,000 with Double Pay Bonus


Are you ready for the opportunity to double, that’s right DOUBLE your winnings! Here at Coral we’re 100 lucky player the chance to double their winnings from Double Play Super Bet up to a massive £1000.

Double Play Super Bet is a futuristic slot with some amazing features which put you in control of how you play. With this game you can choose how many reels you play with and even the ‘wild multiplier,’ where wild symbols can increase your winnings by up to 9 times!

Winning free spins is really easy! All you’ve got to do is hit the three scattered badge symbols. The more reels you have on play the more likely this will happen, so it really pays to play the super bet option. The great thing about the free spins bonus is that it can be re triggered any time, meaning that you could end up with constant free spins.

It gets even better though. Once you’ve hit those free spins, which are abundant throughout this game, you’ll get the opportunity to multiply your winnings even further. With the super bet option, all your wild symbols will now multiply winnings by up to 18x their value. Did you read that correctly? That means that a £10 winning could pocket you £180. Now that’s absolutely insane.

All you’ve got to do to access this amazing opportunity is play Double Play Super Bet and wager a minimum of £20 for your chance to be one of 100 players that will get their winnings doubled up to £1,000. The fantastic promotion is running from now up until midnight on Sunday 26th July, so you’ve got loads of time to be in with a chance of getting your winnings doubled.

So what are you waiting for guys? Head on down to Coral now and have a go of this wonderful slot! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with double your winnings!

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