Coral’s brilliant range of blackjack games!


The world of blackjack was once pretty dull. All you had to play was the same old game, day in, day out. Gamers around the world simply had enough of just blackjack. Coral understands that, we really do, so we’ve decided to increase our range of blackjack games. Take a look at our collection here, or read on below to get a snippet of all the action!

Live Blackjack

If you’re after that real blackjack experience from the comfort of your home, then our live blackjack service is perfect for you. With real life dealers around the clock streaming to your laptop, PC, tablet or phone, all from the comfort of your home, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Live blackjack follows the rules of regular blackjack apart from, well, it’s happening right now. No computers – just pure human interaction. If you’re looking to enhance your blackjack experience then our live casino is the best place to do so.

Blackjack Double Attack

Blackjack Double Attack flips the regular format right on its head. It starts off pretty normal – place your bet and wait for the dealer to distribute cards. All seems normal until, well, the dealers stops after they place their first card down. You then get a second opportunity to place a bet – so, if they’re showing a low card you can pounce again and double your attack. Hence the name; Double Attack.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive blackjack infuses the thrill of the slots with blackjack’s potential to be tactical. Progressive blackjack has two separate stakes: the regular stake and the jackpot stake. The regular bet works as normal as you’re essentially playing a regular game of blackjack. The jackpot stake grants you access to the jackpot game, where you have the chance to win a whopping jackpot that stands at around £100k at the time of writing.

Winning the jackpot is simple: match 4 aces of the same suit in any one game of blackjack to bag the progressive jackpot. Don’t worry if you don’t match four though, there’s still other prizes to be won:

3 suited aces: 5,000x your stake
3 regular aces: 250x your stake
2 suited aces: 200x your stake
2 regular aces: 50x your stake
1 regular ace: 5x your stake

With the potential to bag 5,000x your bet, progressive jackpot is a very attractive option. Of course, you’re playing two separate bets, so make sure you keep up with what you’re playing.

Blackjack Pro

Blackjack Pro is simply blackjack but with a higher maximum bet. This game is perfect for high rollers and those who enjoy the thrill of big game betting. Our high-rollers often find that our VIP packages compliment their gaming – which you can find out more about here.

Blackjack Duel

Blackjack duel is a truly intense game of blackjack which adds a whole new dynamic – communal cards. First of all you place your bet and you receive two cards (this is alongside the dealers cards).

Two communal cards are then dealt and you are left to decide whether you want either one of the cards, but you have to take one. The one you don’t take is then left for the dealer and if you choose to hit again you receive your face down card – this is your final card. The dealer then does the same and whoever has the highest value closest to 21 wins.

You can probably see why it adds a whole new dynamic – it’s absolutely bonkers!


Pontoon is the classic version of the blackjack game we have all gone on to love. It plays with a single deck of cards and has a couple of rule variations:

You don’t see any of the dealer’s cards
When you double your bet you continue to receive cards

Other than that pontoon plays like regular blackjack. Some say pontoon is easier to play, which as a result makes it less entertaining. Others say they love the simplicity. Whatever you love, make the most of it by playing at Coral! Good luck at the tables.

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