Coral Bingo ready to help with those sleepless nights


We all have those nights where you can’t sleep, when you’ll be tossing and turning, then finally accept that you’re wide awake, and look for something to do. But what can you do? The TV is usually atrocious at that time, and any music might wake up the house.

Well, thankfully for the many that are impacted by this, Coral Bingo have the solution for you in the form of our Night Owl games, that can be found at our brilliant bingo tab.

What are the Night Owl games all about?

Well, there are a range of games that come under our Night Owl category, and they include; Roll On, BOGOF, Early Morning Penny Bingo, Gold Ticket, 1TG and 2TG.

These games can be found in the MegaMax room, and as you can see there’s a lot of variety. You can be sure that whichever game you play, you will be in for the excitement and tension that only online bingo can bring.

What’s more, you can enjoy bingo from there every day, just log in between midnight and 6am, and it will ensure that even if you can’t sleep, you will be entertained.

Win up to £10,000 in prizes!

Okay, we’ve managed to give you a great outlet instead of being forced to stick on the night-time TV, but we still don’t think that’s enough. So, how does the chance to win £10k in bingo prizes sound?

Pretty good, we’d imagine, and luckily for you that’s exactly what happens when you are playing the bingo games mentioned between 12-6am. Not bad!

It’s important to remember the timeframe when it comes to paying for the big prizes, and as always, be sure to check the T&C’s before you get involved.

So, there you have it, you can thank us later. We all have those nights when you can’t sleep, but don’t stress, just head for our Night Owl section and let the fun begin. Enjoy.


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