Coral bingo can boost your brain!


Play bingo to keep healthy!

Playing bingo has the potential to keep your mind trim, according to the BBC. It’s also linked to agility in the elderly and a whole host of other benefits.

Reports suggest that bingo players were faster and more accurate than their non-bingo playing counterparts. In a range of tests that measured mental speed, memory and the ability to take in information from their surroundings, they excelled.

Bingo – the people’s game!

Millions take part in bingo online, or in bingo halls around the country and is a favourite of pensioners. Players are required to check off numbers quickly, this being attributed to a bolstered reaction time.

This is unlike backgammon, bridge and chess, which all required stored skills which are remembered on demand, bingo requires speedy identification within allotted times.

According to a study that pitted young and old players against non-bingo players in a series of tests, bingo players came out on top.

All the bingo players were more accurate and faster than those who did not play. And, in certain circumstances, older players outsmarted the youngsters.

These results conform with current research, which suggests that taking part in activities that require high levels of mental activity help to maintain healthy cognitive function.

Bingo is just as valuable as doing a crossword

With a wide range of mental processes being used, Bingo is a great brain workout. Researches say its benefit to health should not be dismissed, which is something that has occurred in the past.

The great thing is that bingo, unlike other forms of mental exercise, is fun, engaging and brings a together a community of like-minded people.

So, there you have it – bingo is good for you! What are you waiting for? Head on over to our bingo tab and start stretching those thinking muscles. Good luck from Coral!

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