Cash wizard 10k give-away with Coral


Are you ready to pay the Cash Wizard a visit? Rumour has it he grants any successful player cash beyond their dreams. Only you can venture forth and find out for yourself. The question is, are you brave enough?

This magical slot is one of the most popular games we have at the moment. So, for anyone who plays Cash Wizard from the 29th of July and wagers £20 or more, they will get a guaranteed share of £10K. Each bonus varies between £1 – £20, so you could even end up winning your money back. Nice tasty treat don’t you think!

Cash Wizard has some brilliant bonus features, let’s have a look at some of the very best it has to offer.

Something that’s popular with slots at the moment is the dual-play system. Basically you’ll get the opportunity to play the normal bet – which comes with a limited amount of bonus features – or you’ll get the chance to play the enhanced bet option, which means you’ll get full access to the awesome features this game has to offer.

Basically with the enhanced spin, if you don’t hit any of the bonus features you’ll get the chance to play the Wizard Wild or Mystery Wheel Feature along with the normal spin results!

The Wizard Wild bonus is quite a cool random encounter. Basically at the start of every spin there is a chance a random wizard will appear and place two to five random wild symbols on the reel for free.

The Mystery Wheel bonus works like the Wizard Wild bonus. It randomly appears if no other features have been won. A spinner appears and whatever prize it lands on you win! Sometimes, it pays not to win with this slot – magical!

There are loads more features with this slot that you just have to check out for yourself. It’s packed to the brim with awesome bonuses that could win you a lot of money. Right now you’ll have the opportunity to win a share of £10k as well!

So what are you waiting for!

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