Can Free Bingo Get Any Better? – It Sure Can!


Free bingo has always been a staple part of your gaming diet here at Coral. There’s nothing better than a complimentary game on the house.

You probably thought it couldn’t get much better than it already is – as if five days of free bingo a week wasn’t already good enough. Well, somehow, we’ve made free bingo even better.

Take a look for yourself:

Old free bingo –

2 hours of free bingo each day
£1,500 a week in free prizes
Delayed access for five days

New free bingo –

4 hours of free bingo each day
£10,000 a week in free prizes
Immediate access for seven days

As you can see there’s been a load of exciting new changes.

We’ve upped the amount of hours you can play from 2 to 4 and we’ve increased the prize pool from £1,500 to £10,000, which means more money for you to get your hands on.

We used to delay access for five days – that’s because it used to take a while for us to get you all set up; not it takes no time at all to get you rocking and rolling.

What’s the point in playing free bingo? Well obviously – it’s free!

Other than that there’s a load of other reasons why you’d play free bingo:

• It gives you the opportunity to practice bingo for free.
• It allows you to see if you actually like bingo – some strange people just don’t.
• You can make friends through the established bingo community, picking up hints and tips to make your bingo experience more enjoyable – for free.
• It gives you the opportunity to try out Coral – which we know you’ll love, but you may as well make sure.

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