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Chris Hughes rides out at Wincanton with Joe Tizzard

| 03.05.2018

This week Chris visited Wincanton where he met and took advice from former jump jockey legend and Coral ambassador Joe Tizzard.

The ride-out was the closest that Chris will experience to a race before his big day on the 16th June. Riding out on Coral’s Battle of Ideas he reached speeds of up to 35 miles per hour over a distance of two miles.

Understandably after such a serious time in the saddle the reality TV star suffered from ‘jelly legs’ as soon as he clambered off the horse.

Chris Hughes says: “My legs are gone and my hamstrings feel sore but I survived! When I was straightening out, that’s when my legs went to jelly. It went better than I expected and it was nice to sit on another horse and get a bit more experience. I really enjoyed it.”

Joe Tizzard says: “This is the closest Chris will get to racing before the race. He felt it in his legs a bit this morning, but he got to experience the speed that he will face in June.”

Follow Chris’s journey to becoming a jockey here:



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