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The UK’s Favourite Christmas Games | Coral

| 19.12.2017

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Christmas: it’s a time for festive food, celebrations with loved ones and… games! The festive season often brings family and friends together, and for the adults among us, when the conversation runs dry the good old-fashioned games tend to make an appearance.

We surveyed the grown-ups of our nation to find out which game is their absolute favourite to play after their Christmas dinner, and it seems to us that the oldies are definitely still the best!


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A whopping 32% of the 2,000 adults we asked said that Monopoly was their favourite game to play after dinner at Christmas. With a growing reputation for sparking competitive streaks in even the calmest of contenders, Monopoly has been a popular game for decades. It seems building hotels, battling with the banker and escaping jail are all still top of the recreational tree at Christmas time.


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Next up, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and Pictionary came second, third and fourth respectively, with the famous whodunit game of Cluedo coming in fifth. Draughts appeared in sixth place, while the more modern game of Cards Against Humanity appeared seventh in the list – the only card game to feature in the top ten results.


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Interestingly, our survey showed that of the adult nation, it’s the 18-24-year-olds that are the most likely to enjoy a classic board game or two once the turkey’s been demolished (86% of them said so compared to 72% of the older generations). Despite the stereotype of younger adults being all about the tech, it seems this group actually favours a more traditional pastime at Christmas compared to older adults!

Creeping in at the bottom end of the top ten are Chess, Battleship and that classic Yahtzee in eighth, ninth and tenth respectively.

So it seems at Christmas time, UK adults still love to crack on with a good old game once the dinner’s done with. And there’s certainly still a place in our hearts for old favourites like Monopoly, Chess and Scrabble. But with new-age games such as Cards Against Humanity making the final cut, what does the future hold for festive fun?

If you love games at Christmas time, don’t forget to let us know what you like to play after your Christmas dinner.





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