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40-ball vs 90-ball bingo: What’s the difference?

| 21.09.2016

When it comes to playing at Coral, we give you so much choice. Whether you want to have a go on the traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack or try and hit the jackpot on one of our many slots. However, another very popular game is bingo. Yep, bingo! We know it’s a guilty pleasure for many of you out there, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun, exciting, quick – and you can win some serious money!

There are various different types of bingo that you can play with us, check them out on our dedicated bingo tab. But here we will be focusing on two of the more popular – 90-ball bingo and 40-ball bingo.

90-ball bingo

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This is the traditional bingo that you may well be accustomed too, the type your Granny would play down the town hall every weekend.

Obviously, there are 90 balls involved and your card will have three lines of five numbers. Then the fun begins!

You will play for one line, in some cases two, and then for the full house that will result in the biggest win out of the three.

It’s simple to play and you have a few ways to win, what’s not to like?

40-ball bingo

This is a relatively new type of bingo, with 40-balls involved and adopts a theme from the much-loved slot Rainbow Riches.

Becoming increasingly popular with online players, it is much quicker with fewer numbers and offers a different twist. The cards come in the form of two clovers, and filling one will get you a prize, whilst both acts as the full house.

Yet, there are nice little bonuses that are thrown in. Buying 10 tickets will give you a magic number, and if that comes up you will earn a share of the bonus pot.

So, as you can see there is a difference between the styles, and both have a place. They do share one common goal and that is that you can win money, and the excitement and nerves as you wait for that one number won’t change!

That’s why you should check out all of the bingo games we have on offer, the traditional games like 90-ball will always remain popular, while more modern formats like 40-ball give you an alternative if you fancy something new. So, try them out, and enjoy! Good luck.



Chris Gallagher