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Reinventing the bingo caller at Coral!

| 28.05.2016

Are you getting a little sick of the same of bingo calls? ‘Two fat ladies, eighty-eight’, boo, boring. We get it, history and heritage means a lot, but what about change, innovation and moving on from the old?

Well, to spice the world of bingo up a little, we’ve come up a few new bingo calls of our own!

22: ‘Agado do do do, we’ve got 22’
Ducks are boring, ducks are lame. ‘Quack, quack, two little ducks.’ Hilarious! Not. What about a song every time 22 appears — now that’s comedy. It’d get everybody out of their seats, dancing about and having a laugh. Get those elderly ladies waggling about and bang on the tunes.

10: ‘1-0, do the tango!’

We’d insist that the bingo caller was from Yorkshire simply because he’d say ‘wun, oh, do t’ tango’, which is sure split sides from laughter. Every time the number 10 comes out, people should be forced to grab a partner and boogie. It could initiate some wonderful relationships as well!

16: ‘Steve McQueen, 16!’

The man, the star, the legend — Steve McQueen is without a doubt one Hollywood’s greatest actors. What better way to honour the man than to force bingo callers to say his name every time 16 is announced. Come on, he starred in the ‘Great Escape’ — surely that’s reason enough!

88: ‘Two gorgeous, healthy women who don’t need to quiver to society’s standards’

Two fat ladies is just, well, not very PC. Sure, we all love a good laugh, but this bingo call is so out of date. Instead, let’s cherish all the women around the world and celebrate who they are! ‘Two beautiful women’, we think so!

33: ‘All the threes, FREEDOM!’

Mel Gibson, who doesn’t love him! He’s the man who tried to bring Scotland FREEDOM! Well, to honour the actor who played Braveheart, we think the call for 33 should be changed in his honour. What do you think?

So, there we have it! What do you think about our brand new bingo calls? Let us know in the comments section below, with any ideas of your own!



Ashley Hughes