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Casino on the go with Coral’s Mobile App

| 27.01.2016

Coral’s dedicated mobile application brings you a world of gaming straight to your fingertips; whether you’re a fan of roulette, blackjack or slots, Coral’s mobile app contains a vast array of casino games and over 50 slot games, such as Rainbow Riches and the exclusive game Thai Garden.

Coral’s collection of six dedicated applications for iPhone and Android users means you are most definitely spoiled for choice. Our collection of apps includes a sports betting app which gives you access to thousands of markets through your phone and tablet; a dedicated app for live casino; our quick and easy spin casino; our radio app for sports and horse racing news and a poker app for those who love to play poker on the go.

Just to summarise that in a handy list:

– Sports betting app for mobile and tablet

– Our live casino mobile app

– Our spin casino app for quick and easy casino gaming

– Listen to your favourite sports commentary through our radio app

– A dedicated poker app for those who want to play on the go

For more information on our whole range of apps then click here.

Mobile casino at its finest…

One advantage of playing on your mobile, as opposed to playing on a desktop computer or laptop is that you can literally play anywhere you want. Get bored at a party? Got a long journey ahead of you? (you better not be driving whilst playing!). Whenever you find yourself in a boring situation, just pull out your phone and load up your favourite mobile app to pass the time. Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll bag a fortune!

Mobile casino means you can pretty much take Coral’s casino anywhere you want, regardless of where you are going. People often find that a quick game of blackjack on the morning commute came make time fly by.

So, the next time you’re sat next to that bloke who doesn’t know you – yet wants to talk to you – just whip out your phone, load up some blackjack, and have an excuse not to talk to him – winner!

Key features of our mobile app:

– Bet in-play on 1,000s of sports from around the world

– Live horse racing streams from all around the UK

– Daily enhanced prices for our sportsbook customers

– 50 casino games available with exclusive games such as Thai Flower!

Prefer to bet on the sports?

Our Coral app also gives you the ability to bet on the go wherever you are, on any market, at any time. If you’re stuck for inspiration, or maybe you need an inside scoop about the Premier League or the Australian Open. Well, we have just the ticket for that – head on over to our sports news section for all the latest info.

Remember, we don’t just do sports and casino, we’ve also got poker and our quick casino mobile app as well! Make sure you check them out!



Ashley Hughes