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Can Free Bingo Get Any Better? – It Sure Can!

| 25.10.2015

Free bingo has always been a staple part of your gaming diet here at Coral. There’s nothing better than a complimentary game on the house.

You probably thought it couldn’t get much better than it already is – as if five days of free bingo a week wasn’t already good enough. Well, somehow, we’ve made free bingo even better.

Take a look for yourself:

Old free bingo –

2 hours of free bingo each day
£1,500 a week in free prizes
Delayed access for five days

New free bingo –

4 hours of free bingo each day
£10,000 a week in free prizes
Immediate access for seven days

As you can see there’s been a load of exciting new changes.

We’ve upped the amount of hours you can play from 2 to 4 and we’ve increased the prize pool from £1,500 to £10,000, which means more money for you to get your hands on.

We used to delay access for five days – that’s because it used to take a while for us to get you all set up; not it takes no time at all to get you rocking and rolling.

What’s the point in playing free bingo? Well obviously – it’s free!

Other than that there’s a load of other reasons why you’d play free bingo:

• It gives you the opportunity to practice bingo for free.
• It allows you to see if you actually like bingo – some strange people just don’t.
• You can make friends through the established bingo community, picking up hints and tips to make your bingo experience more enjoyable – for free.
• It gives you the opportunity to try out Coral – which we know you’ll love, but you may as well make sure.

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Sam Barnard

Sam has been writing for Coral since January 2014, and is the assistant editor of the news site. As well as the main betting sports, football, tennis and cricket, he covers the likes of golf, F1 and darts too, the latter of which has become a particular favourite. Sam enjoys playing as much as writing about sports, but niggling injuries have limited his participation in recent years, so is happy to mainly watch the pros such as Manchester United, Yorkshire CCC, Raymond van Barneveld and even Gibraltar national football team instead.