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Overall Majority
Conservative Majority
1/6 1.17
No Overall Majority
7/1 8.00
Labour Majority
12/1 13.00
Liberal Democrat Majority
500/1 501.00
UKIP Majority
1000/1 1001.00
Cash in on the saboteurs
Seen the price on a Tory win? It's mostly down to such weak opposition, as there's more chance of the Lib Dems winning more seats than Labour than the reds gaining a majority vote. Don't wait for June, back May now.
General Election Specials
Lab to win more votes than Lib Dems
1/100 1.01
UKIP to win no seats
1/12 1.08
Tory Majority Over 100
1/2 1.50
UKIP to win at least 1 seat
6/1 7.00
Lib Dems to win more votes than Lab
16/1 17.00
Here's looking at UKIP
Corbyn could soon be Corbout. Labour's take on Brexit is almost as confusing as Brexit, while the Lib Dems and the SNP will hope to woo disappointed pro-EU voters with their clear anti-Brexit stance. Bet now.
Next Permanent James Bond
Tom Hardy
3/1 4.00
Aidan Turner
3/1 4.00
James Norton
3/1 4.00
Michael Fassbender
3/1 4.00
Idris Elba
8/1 9.00
I expect you to bet!
Forget about the first black Bond, we could soon have our first villain playing 007. Tom Hardy is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood at the moment, but seldom plays a good guy. Don't be left shaken, get on.
Betting Highlights
Labour won't win the election will they? Sure, everyone will trust the woman who shocked Britain with a snap election after swearing she'd never call for one. Plus its not like there's ever any upsets in Politics. Have your say and bet now at Coral.
1/12 1.08
6/1 7.00
Liberal Democrats
500/1 501.00
1000/1 1001.00
Price going out / Drifting
Price coming in / Shortening

What is non-sports betting?

Non-sports betting is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s betting on events that have nothing to do with sport. There are plenty of events going on around the world so why should sports steal the limelight? On this page you will find a wide range of non-sporting events to bet on; perfect for anyone who has always wanted to bet with us but doesn’t know anything about sports. If football bores you and snooker baffles you – and if cricket has you falling asleep – then our non-sports markets are perfect for you. If you find sports betting a little too complicated and you’re looking for opportunities to bet on events that are a little easier to digest, then this page is perfect for you. Maybe you’d just rather bet on markets that fit around your lifestyle. We have markets available for some of your favourite TV shows – so if you’re looking for reality TV betting then this page is perfect for you. In the middle of the screen you’ll find all the betting highlights from events just around the corner. If you’re looking for a betting experience that isn’t mainstream, you have found the right place.

What non-sporting events are available?

WWE Wrestlemania is around the corner and you can get in on the action by placing a bet at Coral. Will this year's Hall of Famer Kurt Angle make a surprise appearance in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal? Could he or anyone else eliminate Braun Strowman? If you’re a huge fan of ‘X-Factor’s’ main competitor, ‘The Voice’, then why not make the most of the experience by sticking a bet on this winner. This is a great way to support your favourite act and if they win – you’re in the money. Everybody thinks they know everything about films – well, why not prove you’re the master of Hollywood by placing a bet on one of our movie markets? Think Hollywood hard man Tom Hardy (see what we did there?) will be the next permanent James Bond? Or do you prefer Michael Fassbender? With Coral, you can bet on who the next 007 will be! We’ve got a huge range of non-sports events for you to bet on – check them out on this page.

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Where's The Money Going?

  • Next General Election
    95% Conservative
    1/12 1.08
    4% Labour
    6/1 7.00
    0% Liberal Democrats
    500/1 501.00
    0% UKIP
    1000/1 1001.00
    0% Greens
    1000/1 1001.00

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