What’s RTP in Slots and how does it affect your chances?


RTP, or the ‘return to player’ rate, represents the rate of return any casino can expect for an individual slot machine in their collection. In previous articles, where we’ve discussed ‘house edge’ (the percentage the house will receive for every £100 staked on blackjack, for example), RTP is essentially the same thing. The advantage here is that RTP is generally well advertised, while the house edge of casino games is not.

RTP – It’s always good to know!

Typically, for every £1 a player stakes on a slot machine, their expected return will be in the range of 89-98 percent. For anybody with a degree in mathematics, this translates anywhere from 89 to 98p. The higher the RTP, or their expected return, the less money they risk. Of course, a higher RTP doesn’t affect the odds of you winning, it’s just the percentage of money a player is exposing at any one time. 

For regular slot players who have a particular favourite, RTP is irrelevant. Some just prefer Rainbow Riches, while others enjoy Monopoly: Big Event. It’s those who are new to slots gaming and might want to expose less of their money on a particular game that need to be concerned with RTP. Ultimately, tt can come down to a fraction of a penny, with one slot game having an RTP of 98.2 percent, while another standing at 98.1 percent, but every little counts. When it comes down to it though, if you’re a beginner and want to take a slightly safer route into gaming, choose a slot game with a higher RTP.

Slot games with an RTP of 95 percent or more:

The minimum RTP you’re looking for in a slot game has to be above 95 percent or above. The great thing is that the majority of Coral’s slot games have this. The below are our best picks and ones that we recommend:

Rainbow Riches
Cash Bonanza

Any of the above can be found on our slots tab, so head on over and make the most of our more lenient slot games!

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