Watching the pennies? Play in Coral’s Castle room!


Sure, we’re all feeling the pinch nowadays. Britain still pretty much looms within a recession, so it’s understandable if you’re lacking spare cash. Fortunately, if you’re still looking for a bit of bingo action Coral’s castle room has tickets available from just a penny!

The Castle Room — Big prizes from just a penny spent!

Okay, not that kind of ‘spend a penny,’ before you ask. We’re talking about the pennies at the bottom of your purse or the shrapnel in your piggy bank. You can’t really do much with a penny nowadays — so why not have a dabble at turning a penny into a share of up to £500?!

It’s all about the castle room, where penny bingo comes to life. With games on the hour every hour, 24 hours a day, there’s no excuse not to find time for a little value bingo; on your lunch break, when the kids are having a nap, or even on the bus home — that’s right, bag some money with your mobile on the morning commute!

What could be better? Well, that weirdo could stop sitting next to you on the bus, but you can’t have it all.

Sure, it all sounds great, but what about the prizes?

Great question — there’s three tiers of prize on offer:

1 line:
Hitting 1 line will bag you between £5 to £10!

2 lines:
Anything from £10 to £25 — not bad for just two lines!

Full house:
£25 to £50 is the general prize for full house. How’s about that? £50 from just a penny!

What type of bingo is penny bingo?

It’s bingo with balls — you know, the game where you pick numbers. No, we’re only joking! It’s 90-ball bingo, which means games last more than two minutes — perfect if you’re after value for money!

Basically, you choose from 15 numbers and the first person to have all their numbers called from a pool of 90 wins. Simple as that! You also win if you land a line on your ticket (horizontally), or two lines!

Introducing a wonderful castle bingo community!

Now, if you often find yourself bored in the evening and you’d like to make some new friends, head on over to the castle room and join our bustling community of bingo lovers.

They’re chatty, welcoming and happy to take on new folk. With friendly moderators to introduce you, they’ll have you nattering away in no time.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Coral’s castle room! Head on over to our bingo tab and experience the thrill of the castle bingo room!

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