Try Blackjack Switch to boost your chance of winning


Here at Coral we give you the chance to experience a range of games. Whether you want to chance your arm on the slots, go for your lucky number on the roulette or try and bluff your way to victory on the poker table, you can do it all. However, another popular game is blackjack and it’s easy to see why. With the unpredictability of each hand, and the excitement of not knowing if you will beat the dealer, it is a thrilling game.

While similar rules will always apply, there are many forms of blackjack and here we will be focusing on Blackjack Switch. This is what you need to know.

How does it differ?

The notable difference that is involved in Blackjack Switch is that you are dealt two hands per game. During the game you are allowed to switch the second card from both hands if that will give you a better hand overall. If it doesn’t, don’t do it. Pretty simple.

Obviously that is of great benefit to the players, as you can work out the ways and give yourself the best possible way to win. This is why the house edge of this game is down at just 0.17% because of the six to eight decks involved.

However, there is another difference that if the dealer gets a hand of 22 then this is a push and not a bust. Yet, if you get a blackjack you will still beat a dealer who has 22.

The dealer will also always hit on a soft 17 hand.

The rest is the same!

That’s about it in terms of the real differences between the two games, the normal rules will apply to the rest of the game.

You can still double down on two cards and split, and we would recommend the normal advice of hitting on the low pairs and stand from 17 upwards, no matter what the dealers up card is.

Similarly, always split aces! But we’re sure you knew that anyway.

When it comes to paying out, you will get evens for blackjack and a winning insurance pays 2:1.

So, there you have it, next time you see Blackjack Switch you will now know what it’s all about, so try it out. The chance to switch your cards allows you to have much better control over your hands and this gives you more chance of winning. Yet that doesn’t compromise on the exciting and unpredictable nature that normal blackjack brings, so enjoy. Good luck!

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