The top (second) picked teams for the World Cup


We surveyed 2,000 England supporters from all over the country to find out who they will be cheering on as their second team should  England fail to relive 1966 and lift the World Cup. The results proved quite revealing.

England fans’  top ten “second teams” in the World Cup: 

1. Spain

Yes, Spain will be cheered on by most England fans should England get knocked out.  Perhaps the fact that Spain is the most popular holiday destination for the English explains the number one position.


2. Brazil


3. Germany

The  third most popular team is  Germany which is perhaps a major  surprise, given the  historic rivalry between England and the Germans.


4. France

France has won the World Cup once in 1998 – 32 years after England did. They’ve also come close several times though, being the runner up in 2006, third in 1958 and 1986, and fourth in 1982. They’re England’s closest neighbours so understandable that plenty of England fans will be rooting for them


5. Australia

A country that calls the sport ‘soccer’, Australia doesn’t have the best of World Cup records. The Socceroos, as they’re called, have only attended the tournament four times since 1974, but the sport is becoming more popular in the country.  They are part of the Commonwealthand are effectively distant relations of the English, not to mention the fact that they are the only other nation at the World Cup that speak English as their first language.

Here are the rest of the teams that England fans’ will be cheering on after England in order of popularity:

    1. Portugal (9%)
    2. Iceland (8%)
    3. Belgium (7%)
    4. Switzerland (6%)
    5. Sweden (5%)

Brazil is the favourite choice for men, as the South American country’s team was chosen by 21% of the men we asked. Meanwhile, 23% of women plumped for Spain.

The teams that were chosen least by England fans’ as their alternates were Uruguay, Colombia and Panama, which were selected by 0.7%, 0.8% and 1% of England supporters respectively. That’s despite the fact that Uruguay has won the World Cup more times than England has – in 1930 and 1950.

Do you think these choices make sense? Or will you be cheering on a different country if England is defeated? Tweet us @Coral to let us know!

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