“Thanks for letting Oakland down…” Twitter reacts to the Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas…


Fans react to news of the Oakland Raiders relocating…

On Monday, NFL owners voted 31-1 to approve the Oakland Raiders’ proposal to relocate to Las Vegas.

The team will move into a planned $1.7 billion domed stadium in the heart of Sin City, which is expected to be completed by 2020. The Oakland Raiders will remain in Oakland for the 2017 and 2018 seasons but are expected to relocate to a temporary location in 2019 before the new stadium in Las Vegas is ready for use.

Owner Mark Davis said in a statement that “the Raiders were born in Oakland and Oakland will always be part of our DNA. We know that some fans will disappointed and even angry”.

So, with the franchise leaving its long-time home of Oakland for the neon lights of Las Vegas, how have people reacted? Was Mark Davis right in saying that some fans will react with disappointment – and even anger?

Oakland mayor, Libby Schaaf, is visibly angry. In a statement, she said of the move that Bay Area fans “deserved better”.

“I am disappointed that the Raiders and the NFL chose Las Vegas over Oakland… As a lifelong Oaklander, my heart aches today for Raider Nation. These are the most committed and passionate fans any city or team could hope to have.”

And, on Wednesday night, New York mayor Bill de Blasio supported Schaaf and the city via Twitter– while simultaneously slamming Mark Davis:

We took to the Twitter-sphere to look at other reactions – the good, the sad and the ugly Twitter reactions (as well as what other NFL players had to say…)

The Good

While the Mayor may not have been so thrilled on the news, others have reacted more positively. Just look at the route the City of Las Vegas has taken – we think that’s one of the most dramatic welcomes that we’ve ever seen!

Others took the more humours angle, with NFL Insider for ESPN, Dan Graziano, raising an interesting question – if the Oakland Raiders win their fourth Super Bowl title this year, how will Oakland itself react?

The Sad

Others reacted more with heartbreak at the news that their beloved Oakland Raiders are no more. And who can blame them? Come 2020, the Oakland Raiders will leave behind the city that they’ve called home for almost 60 years (well, excluding the 13 seasons that they spent in Los Angeles for their first relocation).

The Ugly

Of course, if it wasn’t sadness, then anger was what flooded Twitter. Many Raiders fans felt betrayed, enraged and bitter at the NFL’s decision to relocate the three-time Super Bowl winners. After years of sticking by their team, die-hard fans felt cheated to have the Oakland Raiders taken away from them.

The Players

Past and present NFL players also took to Twitter to express their reaction to Monday’s news. Some reacted with humour, others with disbelief. However, no one quite matched the passion of Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr whose statement covers every emotion…




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