Shearer says: “Man City’s tactics were fascinating” and “Joe Hart hasn’t been treated badly”


Coral football ambassador Alan Shearer has plenty to say about Premier League title favourites Manchester City and the Joe Hart situation, after new manager Pep Guardiola dropped the England goalkeeper…

“Fascinating Man City tactics”

Manchester City’s tactics against Sunderland were fascinating with Pep Guardiola pushing the fullbacks into the centre when his team had the ball. We’ve never seen anyone do that in this country. Obviously we’ve seen Pep do it with Barcelona in Spain, and Bayern Munich in Germany, but it’s the first time it’s happened in the Premier League.

It does leave them very open to the counter-attack. If you’re good enough and quick enough to get the ball back and move forward at pace, then there are spaces where the fullbacks have vacated. It will be really interesting to see how, one, his team cope with that approach, and two, how opposing teams try to get round that tactic and punish them for it.

That system will be new to all of his players so they are going to have to get used to it. They didn’t play particularly well last weekend against Sunderland but they got the three points which is a good sign.

They will improve for sure, and I also think they might make one or two signings before the transfer window ends. My feeling about them hasn’t changed. I’m really looking forward to how they cope, and how other teams cope against them. They are the team I think will win the Premier League and I’m not changing my mind after one game.

“If Hart has no part in Pep’s plans, then he should just tell him”

Joe Hart hasn’t been treated badly. The manager has made a decision as every manager has the right do to try and win that game. He’s left Joe out twice and he’s won both games so no one can complain.

I just hope he’s being honest with him and gives him a fair crack of the whip, and if he has no part in Pep’s plans then he should just tell him and say that he is looking to move him on. That’s very much how Jose Mourinho approached the situation with Bastian Schweinsteiger.

He told him that he didn’t want him, which is what a manager gets paid to do. He’s paid to make big decisions, and it was a big call. As long as he’s then honest and fair with him then I don’t think it’s an issue. That is part and parcel of football. I doubt Joe Hart is happy about it, but if Pep brings in another goalkeeper then don’t be surprised if Joe Hart leaves the club.


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