Shearer says: “FA Cup is key to Tottenham avoiding another ‘nearly’ season.”

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Premier League legend discusses Tottenham’s Euro exit

It was disappointing to see Tottenham exit from the Champions League, especially after getting a good result in Turin and then going 1-0 up in the second leg at Wembley.

Having said that, they were playing against a huge football club with a history of winning trophies and one which knows how to get results in tough games.

You can’t underestimate the edge that comes psychologically from knowing how to win. That is what I thought Tottenham lacked, that ingrained belief that you can and will get the result.

I don’t care what anyone says, the longer they go without winning a trophy, the harder it will become and it’s compounded by the need to keep hold of their best players.

They will either need to pay them a lot more and match the other top sides or start winning trophies, otherwise their top players will be lured away.

They were in a great position to advance through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League this season and they were unable to take it.

FA Cup impact

The FA Cup therefore becomes such an important competition for Spurs to avoid another ’nearly’ season.

They have a great opportunity to make the semi-final against Swansea where they will be favourites to win that tie.

It will be tough to go all the way though because Manchester United and Chelsea will also be desperate to win the FA Cup.

Champions League winners and losers

Another team that fell short in the Champions League this week is PSG. I know the owner very well and he will be disappointed because this competition means so much to him.

I should imagine he will also be very angry given how much money they have spent to be competitive in Europe.

They came up against one of the best teams around in Real Madrid and they seem to always get a tough draw but if you are to win this trophy, you have to beat the best.

Real Madrid were very much like Juventus in that their big name players perform in big games.

They may not be having a great season in La Liga but they are still a huge threat in this competition.

A lot of credit has to go to Cristiano Ronaldo, he has scored in every single Champions League game he has played in this season so nobody can say he does not deliver when it matters.

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