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Southampton’s sacking of Mark Hughes this week was another example of just how crazy football can be at times.

I don’t doubt that the decision was already made after the defeat at Fulham the week before, but they waited until after the Manchester United game to make it public, as they then had a successor in line. 

To make the decision after just thirteen games of the season – thirteen games after giving him a three year contract we should remember – that he is no longer good enough, just goes to show what football is like now.  It happens time and time again and I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Ralph Hasenhuttl did very well at RB Leipzig, and although he’s been out of the game a little while the Southampton board will be hoping that he can repeat that success.

Year after year Southampton have sold their best players and there is a feeling that it is coming back to haunt them now.

Because going out and constantly buying new players that fit your club is the hardest part of football.  They’re starting to come unstuck and it’s perhaps not that surprising when you consider the top class players that they have sold, and how hard it is to keep replacing them.

Jurgen Klopp

Watching the game I said straight away that I thought Jurgen Klopp would be punished by the FA for his celebration after Liverpool’s late winner against Everton. 

He has been, but he has apologised and accepted the fine and hopefully everybody can move on without making a huge deal over it.

It can be difficult for people who haven’t been in that position, to understand what happens to you with the adrenaline rush that comes from winning a game of that magnitude.

But of course there are guidelines that do have to be adhered to, but let’s keep perspective, we do have to make sure that we don’t take the passion out of the game.

Ironically, my fear is that when VAR is brought in next season we might see a few less celebrations as players will be scared to celebrate.

Arsenal reaction

I have been very impressed with Arsenal over the last couple of weeks, they have put in some great performances.

There’s been a toughness missing from Arsenal over the last few seasons and they seemed to get that back in the win over Tottenham last weekend, showing plenty of grit to get a result.

A lot of that came from Lucas Torreira, who bossed the midfield, and he has the potential to be just what they have been missing in the last few years.

They will take a lot of confidence from this unbeaten run, especially in getting results against the sides that they are fighting against for a spot in the top four.

It will be a very closely fought battle for the Champions League places but the way they are playing they can definitely consider themselves as strong contenders. 


I can’t get excited at all about the potential takeover at Newcastle. We have been there before and heard it all before.

It seems that these rumours always resurface around the January transfer window and it’s a bit like Groundhog Day to be honest.

That said, it is definitely much needed so I hope that this time there does end up being more substance behind the rumours.

On the pitch, they have been putting together some much better results after a tricky start to the season.

They came unstuck against West Ham but they bounced back with a good point at Everton, so overall there has been much more promise and that’s been great to see.

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