Royal Ascot: Gold Cup Past Winners List

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The Ascot Gold Cup is one of the highlights of the racing calendar and takes place on the Thursday of Royal Ascot – also known as ‘Ladies Day’.

Britain’s most prestigious long-distance Flat race, it dates back to 1807 when a horse named Master Jackey won 100 guineas for prevailing in the presence of King George III.

Over 200 renewals have been held since then, and as the Royal Ascot Gold Cup past winners list has grown, so has the prize money. This year’s prize money is a whopping £10m! (with £650,000 reserved for the winner).

The race is two miles, three furlongs and 210 yards (which equates to 4,014 metres) and runners must be at least four years old. Allowances of 3lb apply to mares and fillies, plus 1lb to four-year-olds.

The Ascot Gold Cup has been cancelled only twice in its history; in 1964 owing to a waterlogged track, and in 1940 because of World War II, although it was run at Newmarket from 1917–18 and 1941–44 due to conflicts and switched to York in 2005 while Ascot was refurbished.

Ascot Gold Cup records

Ireland’s Aidan O’Brien holds the record for the most successful Ascot Gold Cup trainer with eight victories. Yeats won four times in a row from 2006-2009. Since then, Fame and Glory, Leading Light, Order of St George and Kyprios have also taken the top spot once each.

The most successful jockey in Ascot Gold Cup history is Lester Piggott, who was known to his fellow riders as ‘The Long Fellow’. This was because he was tall and thin – honest. He won 11 Gold Cups over his career, including three victories on Sagaro (1975, 1976, 1977) and two with Ardross (1981, 1982).

Frankie Dettori recorded a fairytale victory on his final Gold Cup ride, with the aptly-named Courage Mon Ami showing plenty of grit to give the Italian a ninth win in the race – with three of those triumphs coming on Stradivarius (2018, 2019, 2020).

The most successful owner is John Magnier (although the horses he controls compete under his wife Sue’s name). A multi-billionaire, Magnier is known for selling his near-30% stake in Manchester United to the Glazer family in 2005. At about the same time, he also hired Aidan O’Brien to train his horses and shares the same eight victories as the record-winning trainer.

In 2013, a new record was set when Estimate won the Gold Cup as a four-year-old. Owned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, it was the first time a horse owned by a reigning monarch had come in first. By tradition, The Queen presented the Ascot Gold Cup to the winner. On this occasion, Prince Andrew was drafted in to present his mum with the top prize.

Persimmon prevailed in 1897 for the future King Edward VII, but at that point, he was Prince of Wales.

The first horse past the post has been disqualified on three occasions; Rock Roi in 1971 and 1972 and Royal Gait in 1988.

Winners List 

Want to impress your mates at the next pub quiz? Memorise this complete Ascot Gold Cup Winners List and you’re well on your way. Here’s every winner, jockey, trainer, and owner since 1807 Please note, no one bothered to write down anything but the horse’s name until the 1820s.

Ascot Gold Cup Past Winners List:



YearWinnerAgeJockeyTrainerOwnerWinning Time
2023Courage Mon Ami4Frankie DettoriJohn & Thady GosdenWathnan Racing4:20.23
2022Kyprios4Ryan MooreAidan O’BrienMoyglare Stud/Smith/Magnier4:26.52
2021Subjectivist4Joe FanningMark JohnstonDr Jim Walker4:20.28
2020Stradivarius6Frankie DettoriJohn GosdenBjorn Nielsen4:32.60
2019Stradivarius5Frankie DettoriJohn GosdenBjorn Nielsen4:30.88
2018Stradivarius4Frankie DettoriJohn GosdenBjorn Nielsen4:21.08
2017Big Orange6James DoyleMichael BellBill Gredley4:22.40
2016Order of St George4Ryan MooreAidan O’BrienSmith/Magnier/Tabor4:26.21
2015Trip To Paris4Graham LeeEd DunlopLa Grange Partnership4:22.61
2014Leading Light4Joseph O’BrienAidan O’BrienSmith/Magnier/Tabor4:21.09
2013Estimate4Ryan MooreSir Michael StouteQueen Elizabeth II4:20.51
2012Colour Vision4Frankie DettoriSaeed bin SuroorGodolphin4:42.05
2011Fame and Glory5Jamie SpencerAidan O’BrienSmith/Magnier et al4:37.51
2010Rite of Passage6Pat SmullenDermot WeldDr Ronan Lambe4:16.92
2009Yeats8Johnny MurtaghAidan O’BrienMagnier/Nagle4:20.73
2008Yeats7Johnny MurtaghAidan O’BrienMagnier/Nagle4:21.14
2007Yeats6Michael KinaneAidan O’BrienMagnier/Nagle4:20.78
2006Yeats5Kieren FallonAidan O’BrienMagnier/Nagle4:20.45
2005Westerner6Olivier PeslierElie LelloucheEcurie Wildenstein4:19.49
2004Papineau4Frankie DettoriSaeed bin SuroorGodolphin4:20.90
2003Mr Dinos4Kieren FallonPaul ColeConstantine Shiacolas4:20.15
2002Royal Rebel6Johnny MurtaghMark JohnstonPeter Savill4:25.64
2001Royal Rebel5Johnny MurtaghMark JohnstonPeter Savill4:18.92
2000Kayf Tara6Michael KinaneSaeed bin SuroorGodolphin4:24.53
1999Enzeli4Johnny MurtaghJohn OxxHH Aga Khan IV4:18.85
1998Kayf Tara4Frankie DettoriSaeed bin SuroorGodolphin4:32.36
1997Celeric5Pat EdderyDavid MorleyChristopher Spence4:26.19
1996Classic Cliche4Michael KinaneSaeed bin SuroorGodolphin4:23.20
1995Double Trigger4Jason WeaverMark JohnstonRon Huggins4:20.25
1994Arcadian Heights6Michael HillsGeoff WraggJohn Pearce4:27.67
1993Drum Taps7Frankie DettoriLord HuntingdonYoshio Asakawa4:32.57
1992Drum Taps6Frankie DettoriLord HuntingdonYoshio Asakawa4:18.29
1991Indian Queen6Walter SwinburnLord HuntingdonSir Gordon Brunton4:23.90
1990Ashal4Richard HillsHarry Thomson JonesHamdan Al Maktoum4:28.58
1989Sadeem6Willie CarsonGuy HarwoodSheikh Mohammed4:22.68
1988Sadeem5Greville StarkeyGuy HarwoodSheikh Mohammed4:15.67
1987Paean4Steve CauthenHenry CecilLord Howard de Walden4:33.26
1986Longboat5Willie CarsonDick HernDick Hollingsworth4:22.11
1985Gildoran5Brent ThomsonBarry HillsRobert Sangster4:25.19
1984Gildoran4Steve CauthenBarry HillsRobert Sangster4:18.81
1983Little Wolf5Willie CarsonDick HernLord Porchester4:24.36
1982Ardross6Lester PiggottHenry CecilCharles St George4:35.24
1981Ardross5Lester PiggottHenry CecilCharles St George4:51.23
1980Le Moss5Joe MercerHenry CecilCarlo d’Alessio4:28.40
1979Le Moss4Lester PiggottHenry CecilCarlo d’Alessio4:25.22
1978Shangamuzo5Greville StarkeyMichael StouteMrs E. Charles4:27.30
1977Sagaro6Lester PiggottFrançois BoutinGerry Oldham4:28.25
1976Sagaro5Lester PiggottFrançois BoutinGerry Oldham4:26.15
1975Sagaro4Lester PiggottFrançois BoutinGerry Oldham4:48.60
1974Ragstone4Ron HutchinsonJohn Dunlop16th Duke of Norfolk4:35.01
1973Lassalle4Jimmy LindleyRichard Carver, Jr.Zenya Yoshida4:33.46
1972Erimo Hawk4Pat EdderyGeoffrey BarlingY. Yamamoto4:28.69
1971Random Shot4Geoff LewisArthur BudgettMrs G. Benskin4:41.39
1970Precipice Wood4Jimmy LindleyRosemary LomaxBobby McAlpine4:27.35
1969Levmoss4Bill WilliamsonSeamus McGrathSeamus McGrath4:25.60
1968Pardallo5Bill PyersMick BartholomewSuzy Volterra4:35.84
1967Parbury4Joe MercerDerek CandyHerbert Holt4:36.05
1966Fighting Charlie5Greville StarkeyFreddie MaxwellLady Mairi Bury4:34.56
1965Fighting Charlie4Lester PiggottFreddie MaxwellLady Mairi Bury4:34.47
No race 1964, course waterlogged
1963Twilight Alley4Lester PiggottNoel MurlessLady Sassoon4:52.95
1962Balto4Freddie PalmerMax BonaventureAndré Rueff4:48.04
1961Pandofell4Lester PiggottFreddie MaxwellH. Warwick Daw4:30.32
1960Sheshoon4George MooreAlec HeadPrince Aly Khan4:28.42
1959Wallaby4Freddie PalmerPercy CarterGeoffroy de Waldner4:34.02
1958Gladness5Lester PiggottVincent O’BrienJohn McShain4:30.18
1957Zarathustra6Lester PiggottCecil Boyd-RochfortTerence Gray4:23.93
1956Macip4Serge BoullengerCharlie ElliottMarcel Boussac4:48.80
1955Botticelli4Enrico CamiciEnrico della RocchettaMario della Rocchetta4:29.02
1954Elpenor4Jacques DoyasbèreCharlie ElliottMarcel Boussac4:32.80
1953Souepi5Charlie ElliottGeorge DigbyGeorge Digby4:35.20
1952Aquino4Gordon RichardsSam ArmstrongMaharanee of Baroda4:29.60
1951Pan4Roger PoinceletEtienne PolletEugène Constant4:22.40
1950Supertello4Doug SmithJohn WaughWilfred Harvey4:25.00
1949Alycidon4Doug SmithWalter Earl18th Earl of Derby
1948Arbar4Charlie ElliottCharles SemblatMarcel Boussac
1947Souverain4Marcel LollierouHenri DelavaudF. R. Schmitt
1946Caracalla4Charlie ElliottCharles SemblatMarcel Boussac
1945Ocean Swell4Eph SmithJack Jarvis6th Earl of Rosebery
1944Umiddad4Gordon RichardsFrank ButtersAga Khan III
1943Ujiji4Gordon RichardsJoseph LawsonAlfred Allnatt
1942Owen Tudor4Gordon RichardsFred DarlingCatherine Macdonald-Buchanan
1941Finis6Harry WraggOssie BellSir Hugo Cunliffe-Owen
No race 1940
1939Flyon4Eph SmithJack Jarvis1st Baron Milford
1938Flares5Bobby JonesCecil Boyd-RochfortWilliam Woodward, Sr.
1937Precipitation4Patrick BeasleyCecil Boyd-RochfortLady Zia Wernher
1936Quashed4Richard PerrymanColledge LeaderLord Stanley
1935Tiberius4Tommy WestonJoseph LawsonSir Abe Bailey
1934Felicitation4Gordon RichardsFrank ButtersAga Khan III
1933Foxhunter4Harry WraggJack JarvisEdward Esmond
1932Trimdon6Joe ChildsJoseph LawsonCharles Lambton
1931Trimdon5Joe ChildsJoseph LawsonCharles Lambton
1930Bosworth4Tommy WestonFrank Butters17th Earl of Derby
1929Invershin7Richard PerrymanGeorge DigbyJohn Reid Walker
1928Invershin6Brownie CarslakeGeorge DigbyJohn Reid Walker
1927Foxlaw5Brownie CarslakeReg DaySir Abe Bailey
1926Solario4Joe ChildsReg DaySir John Rutherford
1925Santorb4Steve DonoghueJames RhodesA Barclay-Walker
1924Massine4Fred SharpeElijah CunningtonHenri Ternynck
1923Happy Man7Victor SmythThomas HoggF Hardy
1922Golden Myth4Charlie ElliottJack JarvisSir George Bullough
1921Periosteum4Frank BullockBasil JarvisBen Irish
1920Tangiers4George HulmeRichard DawsonSir William Nelson
1919By Jingo!5George HulmeJames RhodesW T de Pledge
1918Gainsborough3Joe ChildsAlec Taylor, Jr.Lady James Douglas
1917Gay Crusader3Steve DonoghueAlec Taylor, Jr.Alfred W. Cox
1915Apothecary3E LancasterFred Pratt
1914Aleppo5Freddie FoxAlec Taylor, Jr.Alfred W. Cox
1913Prince Palatine5W SaxbyHenry BeardsleyThomas Pilkington
1912Prince Palatine4Frank O’NeillHenry BeardsleyThomas Pilkington
1911Willonyx4William HiggsSam DarlingCharles Howard
1910Bayardo4Danny MaherAlec Taylor, Jr.Alfred W. Cox
1909Bomba3Freddie FoxFred PrattJimmy de Rothschild
1908The White Knight5William HalseyHarry SadlerTom Kirkwood
1907The White Knight4William HalseyHarry SadlerTom Kirkwood
1906Bachelor’s Button7Danny MaherCharles PeckSolomon Joel
1905Zinfandel5Morny CannonCharles Beatty8th Baron Howard de Walden
1904Throwaway5Willie LaneHerbert BraimeFred Alexander
1903Maximum4A McIntyreRichard CountJacques de Bremond
1902William the Third4Morny CannonJohn Porter6th Duke of Portland
1901Santoi4Fred RickabyWallace DavisGeorge Edwards
1900Merman8Tod SloanJack RobinsonMr. Jersey
1899Cyllene4Sam LoatesWilliam JarvisSir Charles Rose
1898Elf5E WatkinsRichard CountJacques de Bremond
1897Persimmon4John WattsRichard MarshPrince of Wales
1896Love Wisely3Sam LoatesAlec Taylor, Jr.William Bass
1895Isinglass5Tommy LoatesJames JewittHarry McCalmont
1894La Fleche5John WattsRichard MarshMaurice de Hirsch
1893Marcion3S ChandleyW MatthewsR C Vyner
1892Buccaneer4George BarrettS PickeringLord Rosslyn
1891Morion4John WattsRichard MarshLord Hartington
1890Gold4Frederic WebbTom JenningsPrince Soltykoff
1889Trayles4Jack RobinsonJames JewittW de la Rue
1888Timothy4Jack RobinsonJames JewittHarry McCalmont
1887Bird of Freedom5W WarneJ RyanD Baird
1886Althorp4Tom CannonJohn PorterMaurice de Hirsch
1885St. Gatien4Charles WoodJames WaughJack Hammond
1884St. Simon3Charles WoodMathew Dawson6th Duke of Portland
1883Tristan5George FordhamTom JenningsC. J. Lefevre
1882Foxhall4Tom CannonWilliam DayJames R. Keene
1881Robert the Devil4Tom CannonCharles BlantonCharles Brewer
1880Isonomy5Tom Cannon, Sr.John PorterFrederick Gretton
1879Isonomy4Tom CannonJohn PorterFrederick Gretton
1878Verneuil4J GoaterTom JenningsFrédéric de Lagrange
1877Petrarch4Tom CannonJoseph Cannon4th Earl of Lonsdale
1876Apology5John Osborne, Jr.John OsborneMr Seabrook
1875Doncaster5George FordhamRobert PeckJames Merry
1874Boiard4CarverHenri Delamarre
1873Cremorne4Charles MaidmentWilliam GilbertHenry Savile
1872Henry4George FordhamTom JenningsC. J. Lefevre
1871Mortemer6George FordhamTom JenningsC. J. Lefevre
1870Sabinus3R RowellJ G Hessey
1869Brigantine3F ButlerWilliam DaySir Frederick Johnstone
1868Blue Gown3Tom CannonJohn PorterSir Joseph Hawley
1867Lecturer4George FordhamJohn Day4th Marquess of Hastings
1866Gladiateur4H GrimshawTom JenningsFrédéric de Lagrange
1865Ely4Harry CustanceTom OlliverW S Cartwright
1864Scottish Chief3H CoveyMathew DawsonJames Merry
1863Buckstone4A EdwardsMathew DawsonJames Merry
1862Asteroid4John WellsG ManningSir Joseph Hawley
1861Thormanby4Harry CustanceMathew DawsonJames Merry
1860Rupee3H GrimshawJos Dawson7th Earl of Stamford
1859Fisherman6W CresswellT ParrF Higgins
1858Fisherman5John WellsT ParrJ B Starkey
1857Skirmisher3J CharltonGeorge Abdale2nd Earl of Zetland
1856Winkfield5J BartholomewS DeathS Walker
1855Fandango3T AshmallGeorge Abdale2nd Earl of Zetland
1854West Australian4Alfred DayJohn Scott1st Baron Londesborough
1853Teddington5Job MarsonAlec Taylor, Sr.John Massey Stanley
1852Joe Miller3G MannWilliam DayMr Farrance
1851Woolwich5Job MarsonJohn ScottA Campbell
1850The Flying Dutchman4Charles MarlowJohn Fobert13th Earl of Eglinton
1849Van Tromp5Charles MarlowJohn Fobert13th Earl of Eglinton
1848The Hero5Alfred DayJohn Barham DayJohn Barham Day
1847The Hero4Alfred DayJohn Barham DayJohn Barham Day
1846Alarm4Nat FlatmanMontgomery DillyCharles Greville
1845The Emperor4G WhitehouseW Edwards4th Earl of Albemarle
1844The Emperor3G WhitehouseW Edwards4th Earl of Albemarle
1843Ralph5Jem RobinsonW Edwards4th Earl of Albemarle
1842Beeswing9D CartwrightWilliam Orde
1841Lanercost6W NobleWilliam I’AnsonW Ramsay
1840St Francis5Sam Chifney, Jr.Robert PettitRobert Pettit
1839Caravan5Jem RobinsonIsaac DayIsaac Day
1838Grey Momus3William DayJohn Barham DayLord George Bentinck
1837Touchstone6William ScottJohn Scott1st Marquess of Westminster
1836Touchstone5John Barham DayJohn Scott1st Marquess of Westminster
1835Glencoe4Jem RobinsonJames Edwards5th Earl of Jersey
1834Glaucus4William ScottJohn Scott6th Earl of Chesterfield
1833Galata4Bill ArnullCharles Marson2nd Marquess of Exeter
1832Camarine4Jem RobinsonH ScottSir Mark Wood, 2nd Baronet
1831Cetus4Jem RobinsonH ScottSir Mark Wood, 2nd Baronet
1830Lucetta4Jem RobinsonH ScottSir Mark Wood, 2nd Baronet
1829Zinganee4Sam Chifney, Jr.William Chifney6th Earl of Chesterfield
1828Bobadilla3Thomas LyeRobert PettitA Molony
1827Memnon5Sam Chifney, Jr.William ChifneyEarl of Darlington
1826Chateau Margaux4George DockerayR StephensonC Wyndham
1825Bizarre5Bill ArnullR D BoyceLord G H Cavendish
1824Bizarre4Bill ArnullR D BoyceLord G H Cavendish
1823Marcellus4Will WheatleyWilliam ChifneyEarl of Darlington
1822Sir Huldibrand4J Ramsbottom
1821Banker5W ButlerDuke of York
1820Champignon4T A Fraser
1817Sir Richard4
1807Master Jackey3

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