Player bets: A how to guide on Coral’s latest customised innovation

Customise player bets for Man Utd v Spurs

Build the bet you want with Coral!

Ever wanted to customise your betting on a specific football, NBA or NFL match? Now you can as Coral proudly present their exclusive player bets platform for mobile!
Player bets allows you to gamble on an individual athletes’ performance in a match, or match your player up against an opponent. Below is our how to guide and everything you need to know about using our brilliant new mobile product.

Whether it’s goals, shots, tackles or touches you’re interested in, we’ve got all the stats covered.

When it comes to player bets, there are two types of customised bets on offer…

Stats picks

A stats pick matches a player up with individual statistics. Could the top Premier League assists maker set up more than two goals?

Select the player you’re interested in and then the statistic relating to them you want to bet on.

If, for example, you fancy Marcus Rashford to have at least four shots against Arsenal, simply click on the add plus button to the right of his name and select the shots statistic from the drop down menu before adjusting the number with the plus and minuses below it.

Click add to bet slip when you’re happy with your selection. Then you can put your money where your mouth is! You can also combine two players to the same stat.

If you fancy two in-form players to grabs goals or points galore, you’ve got total freedom thanks to player bets! An example would be Juan Mata and Mesut Ozil to make at least 150 passes between them.

First of all, select both players’ names from the list, use the drop down menu on the right-hand side of the screen to select passes as your stat of interest, and then adjust the number to 150.

The odds available on this, which you are able to tab between decimal and fraction, appear right next to where you add customised player bets like this to your slip.

Head-to-head picks

A head-to-head pick, meanwhile, pits two players against each other on a particular stat to predict the outcome.

Think a playmaker will have more passes than his counterpart on the other side? Believe a quarterback can throw more touchdowns than his opposite number? You’re free to customise player bets in this fashion!

For example, if you think Marouane Fellaini will make more tackles than Granit Xhaka, firstly click on the head-to-head tab in the top right, then select the players on the left-hand side and the stat you’re comparing them by on the right from the drop down.

Again, the odds appear below this to show what price you get. If you don’t fancy it, there’s the clear bet button in red, or if you like the odds available on player bets click the add to bet slip button.

This handy how to guide on player bets shows you how it all works. It’s fun, interactive and allows you to take complete control of how you bet on elite football, NFL, NBA and much more.


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