Payday Payback with Coral Poker


What, wait a minute – you’re giving us free tournament tickets? No wait, that’s insane, who even does that?

We know, we know, it sounds crazy to us as well, but we love you so much here at Coral that we think your loyalty deserves rewarding, that’s why we’re giving you something back for all your hard work!

Introducing Payday Payback!

Get paid for playing poker!

We all love getting paid, that’s why from the 25th of every month, until the end of the month – if you deposit with us – you’ll qualify for one of three fantastic payday bonuses.

It’s split into three tiers, where the more you deposit the more you’ll get – it’s that simple!

Tier one: if you deposit between £20 and £50, you’ll earn at least one poker poker point and we’ll also credit you with 3x€1 twister coupons – not bad ey!

Now, if you head up to tier two, that’s where you’ll start reaping the big rewards.

Tier two is activated if you deposit between £50 and £200. Again, you’ll earn at least one poker point, but you’ll be credited with 5x€2 twister tokens as well! That’s £10 worth of tickets right there! The biggest jackpot you can win with the twister tokens is €2000, but with our weekend doubler, you could walk away with a huge €4000.

Not bad from one deposit, ey!

Then you’ve got tier three – honestly guys, this is where the party is at!

How to get involved!

Deposit £200 or more between the 25th and the end of the month and not only will you earn 200 poker points, we will credit you with a £20 poker token as well! You could use it for the satellite into our Sunday Special for the chance of winning a life changing amount of money.

So when payday comes knocking, the first thing you should be doing is heading over to Coral.

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