Monday Quiz – weekend results


How many of the weekend sports results can you remember?

It was April Fools Day on Saturday, and punters may have thought they had been caught out when reading back on a couple of the weekend sports results. Yes, Crystal Palace really did beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, and yes, British tennis does have a new title winning star.

There’s no doubting where story of the weekend went though, with Palace recording that stunning win over city rivals Chelsea. One is chasing a league title, the other fighting relegation, but it didn’t show on the field of play. It was yet another reminder of just how special the Premier League can be. What didn’t come as much of a surprise to Everton fans though was their side’s inability to perform at Anfield, losing the Merseyside Derby in convincing fashion.

With so many shock results in the world of sports betting it would’ve been difficult to get winning bets cashed, many of the supposed bankers going down early in the weekend. We hope you did well, but even if you didn’t, we have a hectic midweek ahead, including another round from the Premier League. Think of it as a second weekend.

Before all that though we have set you our usual Monday quiz. Alongside our friends at Sporcle we have put together 10 questions, all we want from you is 10 correct answers inside five-minutes. The topic is weekend results, and we have a range of sports in there, from football correct scores to the result of Saturday’s big boxing match. See how you get on…..

So, how was that? Not terribly difficult we don’t think, but a good mix of questions to keep you on your toes. Did you get 10/10? If not, why not? It was only a day or two ago they all happened.

We’d like to hear how you did. Post your scores in the comments section below, and we’re also taking suggestions for topics on future quizzes (basically we’re running out of good ideas). Feel free to share the quiz around to compare your score with that of your friends.

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