Two brothers left stunned by life-changing £100,000 football win

A Coral Football Jackpot win gave a betting return of £100k to two Hertfordshire punters.

Two brothers today discovered that they will share exactly £100,000 after placing a winning Coral Football Jackpot bet in a Coral betting shop in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

The Coral Football Jackpot requires customers to predict the outcome of fifteen matches over the weekend for a £2 bet, and the total jackpot is then shared between any winning customers. The brothers’ bet was the only winner this weekend, and the first this football season, and as Coral guarantees a minimum payout of £100,000, that is the amount that they won.

The two brothers aged 62 and 70 respectively have been placing the same £2 bet for three years since the very first week that Coral introduced its exclusive Football Jackpot bet in August 2013. They said that they have successfully predicted 11 and 12 winners before but never come close to predicting all 15 correctly until now.

“I knew we’d won the bet last night but had no idea how much it would pay”

The 62-year-old brother who placed the bet, and who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to Simon Clare of Coral this morning, and was initially speechless when he was told that the winning bet was paying £100,000. He then said: “I’m so thrilled. I knew we’d won the bet last night but had no idea how much it would pay. I hardly had an hour’s sleep wondering how much we’d won. Now I know it’s £100 grand, I can’t believe it!”

“It’s going to change my life and my brother’s life too. I lost my wife sixteen years ago and my brother lost his wife three years ago, and we are very close. We see eachother every week and we go on holiday together every year to the Isle of Wight, but neither of us are well off. This money is going to make life so much better for both of us from now on.”

The 62-year-old from Rickmansworth is a delivery driver, while his older brother, who lives in Uxbridge, is now retired having been a postman all his life.

“I never truly believed we’d ever win”

“Every week my brother calls me with his suggestions for the bet, and I then predict the fifteen matches using my own views on the matches and the Coral odds from the coupon. I never truly believed we’d ever win. We needed a draw in the fifteenth and final match, Villarreal v Sevilla last night, and I watched small bits of it but I couldn’t bear it in the end. I was in a daze when we realised we’d won but we had no idea how much,” the brother added.

The 62-year-old doesn’t support any one team, declaring himself just a fan of all football, but he used to play semi-professional football when he was younger for a number of teams including Slough, while his older brother is a committed West Ham fan.

Simon Clare, PR Director for Coral, said today, “It was a thrill to be able to tell the customer how much he and his brother had won and to listen to his reaction. It is heart-warming to know that their well-deserved £100,000 win is going to have such a profound and positive impact on both their lives.”

“It is an incredible achievement to predict the outcome of fifteen football matches, and even though they’ve finally won it, the brothers have already placed their next £2 Coral Football Jackpot bet for this coming weekend,” added Clare.

The 15 Football Jackpot Matches successfully predicted by the two brothers

Crystal Palace v Bournemouth
Everton v Stoke
Watford v Arsenal
Bristol City v Aston Villa
Charlton v Bolton
Partick v Hearts
Lazio v Juventus
Osasuna v Real Sociedad
Hull v Man Utd
Newcastle v Brighton
Napoli v AC Milan
West Brom v Middlesbrough
Man City v West Ham
Athletico Bilbao v Barcelona
Villareal v Sevilla


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