Introducing the thrilling table games at Coral Vegas


Thanks to Coral Vegas, you can get the very best table games available on your smartphones and devices in seconds. If you’re looking to replicate the thrill of Vegas from wherever you are, then you’ve found the right app.

With all of the classics available such as blackjack and roulette – alongside our range of live dealers – you’ll be sure to have hours of fun. Here we will take a look at the very best table games at Coral Vegas!


When it comes the roulette wheel, Coral Vegas have it well covered, whether you’re looking for premium pro roulette, European roulette, or live roulette, we’ve got a cracking range of games available. With great graphics and sound, our online roulette will provide you with the real casino feel. Simply choose your stake from the chips provided and you’re ready to go. Place them on whatever numbers you want and watch in anticipation as the magic happens. If you’re happy with your bet, a re-bet option will come up, saving you the hassle of putting your chips on different areas of the table again.

Whether you use lucky numbers or the hot and cold number strategy, or even just straight red or black, all can be applied here. Let’s hope the ball lands where you need it too!

European roulette adopts a similar theme with excellent graphics and sounds that makes playing the game extremely easy and straightforward. However, with Coral Vegas, there’s always the chance to spice it up and that comes in the form of Key Bet Roulette.

As you can see, Key Bet roulette gives you the chance to multiply your winnings after each bet to the tune of 50x. This will separate the real risk takers apart and could leave you coming away with a massive difference on your winnings. However, will you be brave enough to take the chance?

Another great aspect of the roulette at Coral Vegas is the live roulette feature. Once selected, it will take you to a range of tables that are available, where you can sit in on the action and play with live dealers, truly replicating the casino feel!

Key Bet Roulette allows you to pick what type of game you want to play and gives you details about the bet limits, so you can pick a table that is appropriate for you. Once in the game, it will be self-explanatory, with the dealer telling you the time frames and when to place the bets.

There’s plenty of roulette to play at Coral Vegas. It gives the player the chance to experience all types of games and test out different scenarios. So, why not try them all out and see which one is the game for you?


As well as roulette, Coral Vegas is the perfect place for the blackjack players amongst us. Once again, you will have a range of different options to test out, which will help to find the right table and the best way to start winning.

The first game is Blackjack Switch, that follows the normal rules that you may have been accustomed to, except that you are dealt two hands instead of one and the player is initially allowed to switch the top two cards between hands.

As you can see the layout is superb and makes playing the game very simple and realistic. Once you place your bet, like any other variety of blackjack, you watch as the hands will be dealt.

Of course, we’ve got all the standard blackjack tables that you may prefer playing, allowing you to control your hands and the stake before choosing when to proceed.

Similarly, to roulette, when it comes to blackjack, there is the option to go live and once again, it will perfectly recreate the casino feel and the tension of waiting for your hand to be dealt and the quick decision making that is required in such a situation. If you think you can handle that, all of the live options are available in our brand new app.

The live dealers will talk you through the game and inform of you of when to make your decisions.

The blackjack on offer at Coral Vegas will certainly meet all your needs, whether you’re a first time player, just looking to experience the thrill, or an experienced player who wants to try their hand on the range of tables that are on offer. The graphics on all of the games and the sounds, create a very realistic casino feel which is what we’re all about and this makes the in-game experience much better for the player. So, give it a try and who knows, you may just get lucky!

Overall, Coral Vegas is the perfect place for table fans, with so much on offer. Of course, all of the standard games are available, however, where it excels is with the live options that allow you to sit on the tables with live dealers and feel the same wide range of emotions that you would do at the casino.

Whether is disappointment and deflation or pure elation and happiness, with Coral Vegas you can go through all the emotions and hopefully have some fun on the table games that are on offer.

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