Introducing the new ‘instant play’ feature at Coral Poker!


Whether you’re playing on a friend’s laptop, don’t have enough memory to download our poker client, or just want quick and simple access to our poker offering — our instant play poker client makes it all possible. Find out more information below!

Poker, but without all the fuss

So you’ve just got home from work, logged on to Coral to place a sports bet and, on the sly, fancy a quick game of poker. Sure, you’re not a huge poker fan, but you’ve maybe watched a few pros on YouTube, or even caught late-night poker on Sky and now fancy a go for yourself.

But then again, you’re not sure if you’re dedicated enough to download our software. Sure, it’s quick and simple, but if it isn’t for you then the rigmarole of removing the software might just not be worth it. There is a way you can try out Coral poker without all the hassle though, simply by taking advantage of our instant play, browser based software.

What is instant play exactly?

Instant play is the revolutionary new way of playing casino, poker and bingo without the hassle of downloading software. Basically, you get access to our complete offering of poker, but all from your browser. This means you can log on to our Coral site, head on over to our poker tab and play straight away.

From there you get access to our wide range of games, from twister poker, speed poker and cash games, to our larger tournaments and smaller sit n go games. Everything that you need is here, regardless of what browser you use. For optimal performance though, we recommend you play via Google Chrome.

So, if you’re looking for the poker experience, but without all the hassle of downloading our software, then head on over to our poker tab and check out our new instant play platform.

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