I spy with my little pie – Can you find the hidden pies in the photos?


Is the pie in the sky? Or wait – maybe it’s filling the gap in between the railings? Look closely and you might just spot a pie amongst the fans, flags and folding seats in our four pie puzzles.

Yes, we’ve hidden a crust-topped classic in each image. With a rise in puzzles providing food for thought, we thought there was no better way to test eagle-eyed readers than by planting a tasty stadium snack within scenes from the beautiful game.

How long will it take you to find the four matchday pies? Will you find them quicker than the time it takes to heat up a Pukka in a microwave? Remember, the only goal is to keep your eyes on the pies…

Spotted the chicken and leek? This one has had us scratching our heads rather than rubbing our stomachs.

This brainteaser shows fans as far as the eye can see. But is our hot snack nestled amongst them, or lurking on the pitch?

We guarantee that this puzzle will have you tearing your hair out rather than tearing into a classic steak and ale.

Foiled from finding the crispy top and tin foil?  Check out the answers below…


So, was each puzzle as easy as pie, or was it just a matter of time until you spotted the shirking stadium snacks?



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