Hit the street with our Corrie themed bingo!


It’s time to grab your dabbers and head to Weatherfield!

Coral Bingo is pleased to announce the amazing addition to Coral Bingo – Coronation Street Bingo!

This exclusive bingo room will be right up the street of all Coronation Street fans, with quirky themed bingo rooms and a host of amazing prizes, jackpots and special offers.

Imagine the thrill of playing in the Rovers Return while watching your favourite stars enjoying a beverage in the same place! Well, that’s exactly what you could be doing in our dedicated 90-ball bingo room!

90-ball bingo is one of our longest versions of bingo, and allows you to get down in the nitty-gritty bingo action. Quick games are great when you don’t have the time, but it’s nice to chill out over a longer game with a cup of tea in your lucky mug – and admit it, we all have a lucky mug.

The Corrie room features the amazing Golden Cobbles progressive jackpot where huge prizes can be won. It can only be found in our dedicated Coronation Street room, so make sure you check it out!

Head on to the bingo bus and take the Weatherfield tour!

Jump on to our bingo bus and you’ll be taken to all the popular hotspots in town. We start off at Audrey’s Salon for a quick cut and blow; then we head on over to The Kabin and then to Underworld to do a bit of sewing! Then we book a taxi with Steve at Streetcars, grab a bacon sandwich as Roy’s Rolls, and then finally we head on over to the Rovers Returns, the cornerstone of Weatherfield.

This awesome room is open from 8am to midnight every single day of the week and is voiced by the unique voice of John Savident, who, if you know your Corrie, is Fred Elliot – ‘ah say, ah say, Ashley!’ We also welcome the amazing voice of Reg Holdsworth (Ken Morely) to our brilliant bingo room.

We also host over 100 archived video clips from the old days of Coronation Street, perfect for huge fans of the game – find out more about that here!  If you’re a huge fan of Coronation street then you’re going to love this room!

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