Go around the twist for Coral’s £15k twister poker league!


Bag yourself a fortune with Coral’s twister poker league!

If you’ve never heard of twister poker, then grab all the info you need from this article here. It’s one of the best ways to play poker, with the opportunity to win both a standard poker prize and a further random prize from our twister poker prize draw, you can bag yourself a fortune.

Well, now we’re offering an extra €15k a month in our weekly twister poker tournaments. Basically, the more twister poker tournaments you win, the more points you earn for our weekly leader board.

So, how does our twister leader board work?

Basically, Coral poker will be running weekly twister poker races, each with €3.5k in prices up for grabs. It works like a general competitive table, with points awarded to people who enter and winners. It’s a relatively simple process, but let us explain anyway.

For every game you play, you will be awarded a specific amount of points:

€1 Twister Token: 1 point for entering and 2 points for winning
€2 Twister Token: 2 point for entering and 4 points for winning
€5 Twister Token: 5 point for entering and 10 points for winning
€10 Twister Token: 10 point for entering and 20 points for winning

So, as you can see from the above, by entering games that have a higher entry point, the more twister tournament points you can bag.

The more twister token points you have, the higher you can travel up the table. It really is super easy! You’re probably wondering what the prizes are though, well take a look below!

1st place:€1000
2nd place:€700
3rd place:€1500

There’s plenty of other prizes up for grabs! Take a look at our offers page to get all the information you need on this tournament, plus loads of other amazing offers. So, get practising your poker skills and hit those twister poker tables!

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