Get involved with all new Poker Hands Go!


Clearly inspired by Pokemon Go, this is a game that should be getting just as much attention! How does completing your own missions and finding the right hands at the poker table sound? A lot better than running around the streets looking for tiny creatures I should hope.

Well thanks to Coral Poker it is possible as you can combine your love of poker with aspects of Pokemon Go to enjoy this thrilling game.

Anyway, here it is – Poker Hands Go! Enjoy.

How do I get involved?

It’s all  very simple and doesn’t involve a lot of walking around, as I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know. You have to collect every starting hand in poker and you will receive 13 daily mission tokens to the Gtd Freeroll which has a cash prize of £3,000!

That’s right, a chance to win a share of the £3,000 and this is how you do it.

  • Simply, play the weekly missions from Monday to Sunday
  • To qualify, play the Cash Games No limit Holdem at 0.10/0.20 and above
  • Then, collect every pair as a starting hand throughout the week, such as 22, 33, 44 – all the way up to aces!

Every pair that you collect will provide you with a daily mission tournament token.

Then try and get all of the 13 that are available because that is how you bag yourself a place in the exclusive weekly tournament and a chance to get your hands on the big prize!

Winning a share of that could come very much in handy, and who knows how much fun you could have with that sort of money at Coral Poker!

So stay off the Pokemon Go and get collecting these pairs for the chance to win some serious money. The competition has just begun, so start your missions immediately and go out get what you need! Good luck. Gotta catch’em all!

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