Game of the Day: Spartacus


Do you dare take on the warrior that is Spartacus – Gladiator of Rome? If you’re brave enough to take it on the rewards could be huge. Set in the ancient times of Rome, this enjoyable game combines gladiators with slots to create an interesting infusion.

Whilst you may be used to a three reel, thirty line style machine, Spartacus is a four reel, ONE HUNDRED line vegas style slots machine! But that’s only the Main Reel. Spartacus is revolutionary in that it splits into two separate reels – with the aptly named Colossal Reel Set containing a gargantuan TWELVE REELS! This is starting to make me feel dizzy!

Like all slots machines you have your normal style of match 3, 4 and 5 icons, starting off with 10p prizes and working up to £2,00 per line. But on the Colossal reel set you can win up to £75 for matching up five gladiators on one line, and with wild icons thrown into the mix that becomes easier than ever.

Spartacus offers your typical scatter style bonus that we are familiar with nowadays. For three coliseums – the scatter bonus icon – you will receive eight three spins at 2x the cash value. For four coliseums the scatter bonus is a hefty 12 free spins at 5x cash value. If you want the big bonus though you’re looking at 5 coliseums which will give you an amazing 20 free spins at 20x the cash value. That means if you you hit the maximum line win of £75 (with the max stake of 30p per two lines), you could end up winning £1500 from just one line!

But we’re all here for is the jackpot, aren’t we? Well, with Spartacus you won’t be disappointed, with a maximum jackpot of £250,000 what’s not to love.

So if you fancy being a gladiator, but would rather sit on your couch instead of battling it out, get yourself down to Coral Slots now and fight for glory!

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