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Tomasz Mortimer’s Germany v Hungary preview: Hungary’s low block could trouble hosts

| 19.06.2021

Our Matchday Squad journalist will be covering Hungary throughout Euro 2020

It’s really difficult to predict which path Hungary take now. After two magnificent performances against the European and World Champions, they now head to Munich to face Germany in a must-win game.

But to even be in this position is amazing. Barely anyone on this planet (least not me!) expected Hungary to get anything against France, but get something they did and that’s what makes me think they could get something against Germany.

Hungary have exceeded all expectations through their performances and now points tally, and though Germany are coming off a super performance against Portugal, the pattern of this game will just not be alike.

Portugal gifted so much space to Germany, especially down the wings, but as we’ve seen from Hungary’s two games so far, they don’t allow their opponents time on the ball. Plus, Germany have struggled lately against the low block as evidenced in their defeat at home to North Macedonia in March.

This is the result that makes every Hungarian sit up and think, ‘this is possible’. But it’s going to take something really special to make it happen, a performance that goes beyond even what they’ve produced so far. I think this might be a step too far, and I think as Hungary open up to venture for the win, they could get sucker punched.

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Tomasz Mortimer

From the UK with Hungarian heritage, Tomasz has been writing about Hungarian football for over 10 years now, being published in a number of publications including The Guardian and ESPN, whilst also featuring on the BBC and Sky Sports in the past too.

Hungarian football is a very interesting world. No country has ever been both as good and as bad as Hungary have been - from reaching two World Cup finals to losing to Andorra, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan in the same calendar year. Hungarian football is wild according Tomasz.