Find the perfect lotto draw from across the globe!


Here at Coral we offer a range of games for our players, from the classic casino options like blackjack and roulette to bingo. However, one aspect of our games that you may not have experienced yet are our lotto games, and there are millions of reasons to get involved – and it’s not just the fantastic prizes that are on offer.

So many choices!

That’s because we boast lotto games from all over the world, ready to play in an instance. Whether you want to sample a UK game, or try anywhere from Honk Kong to Australia, we’ll be able to give you games from all over the globe.

To complete the full list of lotto games that we have on offer, you can find all of these at Coral; Singapore lotto, French lotto, Irish lotto, German lotto, Canadian lotto, New York lotto and the Spanish lotto. As you can see, there is no trouble in finding a game to play. Simply pick a destination, find the game and you’re ready to go.

As well as that, we also offer our very own Coral lotto, which is called the 49’s and is available to play throughout the day, so keep an eye out for that!

How about the prizes?

While we all know all of our games are fun, none more so than the lotto, we all know the real reason you are playing, and what you are interested in – the prize money.

So, let’s cut to the chase!

If you manage to bag all five numbers, you will typically be looking at odds of around 150,000/1. Not too shabby, eh.

But the great thing you’re able to bet on a single number. Of course, the more numbers you get, the more you win.

From the 49’s and the Daily Millions which is another lotto feature that we run, you could win the life-changing sum of up to half a million pounds!

So, get playing!

What are you waiting for? You know how playing the lotto will give you a buzz and excitement, but more importantly you know how it can win you a significant amount of money. Now you’re ready to play.

Thankfully, playing couldn’t be simpler. Go to our easy to use lotto page and find the draw that you want to take part in. All of the details of each game are clearly identifiable and it will state the days the draws are made, and what the prize is, ranging from the odds you get for one number to what odds you get for scooping all five!

So, get picking those numbers now. Whether it is your lucky numbers, your family and friends’ birthday dates or a lucky dip – all options are available.

There you have it, all you need to know about our worldwide lotto tab. Find the draw that you want to participate in, get those numbers in and then have your fingers crossed, you can follow all of the action and get the results on Coral as soon as they happen. Good luck!

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