Everything you need to know about Live Baccarat!


Live Baccarat – The real casino experience from home!

Baccarat isn’t just confined to the bricks and mortar casinos; and sure, online baccarat is OK, but when you want that personal casino experience, there’s nothing like the real thing.

That’s where our live baccarat service comes into action.

Remember the days online baccarat consisted of a green table and digitalised chips? Well, with our live baccarat service you can get much more than that!

We have real dealers primed and ready to provide you with the real baccarat experience – over webcam!

Why play live casinos?

There are a whole host of benefits when it comes to playing live casino!

You could be sat at home with all your creature comforts – cold beverages, snacks and a nice comfortable sofa – and actual real baccarat action! There’s also no trawling to the local casino, which could be miles away. Oh, the luxury!

Then you have the expensive taxi fares, getting dressed up for the occasion and all the free alcohol – which sounds great, but can really throw you off your game! There’s no need to fuss over going to the casino when you can play live casino in your pants – or, maybe not!

What’s so good about baccarat?

Baccarat is a game of little skill, but maximum enjoyment. Basically all you have to do is decide on whether the banker or the player will get the highest hand.

Card values are ranked by their number, with face cards worth 0. If, for example, you were dealt a 2 and 5, your hand value would be seven. Anything that goes above 10 reverts back 1. So, if you were dealt a 7 and 4, that would be an 11 in blackjack, but a 2 in baccarat, as 12 – 9 = 2.

This game has attracted high-rollers for centuries, simply because it is so easy to play. It has been depicted in various films and books, but most famously Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. If you’re a classy bunch then Baccarat

Why not get all your friends around, stick the laptop on, attach it to your TV and blast on the live baccarat for everybody! It’ll be like a live baccarat party. Make your evening special with a bit of live baccarat from Coral!

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