Everything you need to know about hot and cold numbers!


When it comes to roulette there are several myths and ideas that are passed on, that run for generations and can influence how you play the game. One of the most popular is the hot and cold numbers, but is it just a myth?
For those that don’t know, hot numbers are numbers that frequently come up on the roulette wheel, often in spurts. Whereas, cold numbers are the ones that haven’t landed in a long time.

We all know someone, if it is not yourself, that has let these hot or cold numbers influence your decision when it comes to picking a number for a spin. The theory is that if number 19 has been out twice in the last eight spins; it must be out again soon. Although, another train of thought is that if a number is cold, it must be due, so focus on that one, it has to be out soon. Then, when this is successful, it’s because the number was hot or cold and nothing to do with coincidence. That is what we believe and it works to make roulette the thrilling and exciting game that it is.


Of course, logically and statistically this is incorrect. Every spin is different, there are no rules or formulas, the wheel spins, the ball enters and it can end up anywhere. Repeat. Whilst we may deep-down acknowledge that this is the fact, it cannot stop players from believing in these little quirks and following the patters that the numbers have shown.

There are no rules when it comes to picking your numbers and if you think the hot and cold strategy works for you, then continue and good luck!

However, it is important to realise that it is just a myth, each spin is independent from the last and the trends that exist are just coincidental. Yet, these trends just add to the sense of intrigue and fun that makes experiencing all types of roulette enjoyable.

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