Diving ban won’t go down well

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FA to punish diving cheats next season

The Football Association passed a regulation this week that’s sure to have massive consequences for the next Premier League season – a ban on diving. Under the new rules, the diving police will meet each Monday and watch back footage to determine if players have been trying to con the referee. Sounds like a thrilling job!

In a bid to stamp out simulation, any player found diving will be hit with a suspension. A bold move, and one that has got players, fans and managers talking. Sam Allardyce was the first to come out in criticism, labelling it ‘utter rubbish’. Yes, honest Sam doesn’t like cheats. We’ll leave it there…

So, before the art of throwing yourself on the ground under little or no contact for thousands of pounds a week is outlawed, we look back at some of our favourite dives from planet football.

Kyle Lafferty takes a savage headbutt

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of many

Dida’s brutal attack by a fan

Bo Nielsen gets an earful

Daniele De Rossi trips over grass

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