De Gea 13-8 to be at Man United after transfer window


Leading bookmaker Coral is betting on the future of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea in which they now make the Spaniard 13-8 to still be at Old Trafford after the summer transfer window and 4-9 to leave the club before the deadline for transfers.

Elsewhere, Coral has cut the odds on Fernando Llorente joining Arsenal into 2-1 (from 4-1) after support for the Juventus forward switching to the Premier League to play for the Gunners.

“Just a few weeks ago, the odds suggested De Gea was nailed on to sign for Real Madrid during this transfer window, however, they look very different now as we are seeing much more support for the goalkeeper remaining at Old Trafford,” said Coral’s John Hill.

**Will David de Gea be a Manchester United player after the summer transfer window?

13-8 Yes, 4-9 No.

**Charlie Austin’s next club

1-3 Newcastle, 3 West Ham, 10 Aston Villa, Southampton, 14 Tottenham, 16 Chelsea, 20 Bournemouth, Everton, 25 Leicester, 33 Liverpool.

**Gareth Bale’s next club

4-5 Manchester United, 5 Chelsea, 7 Bayern Munich, Manchester City, 10 PSG, 33 Liverpool, 40 Arsenal, Juventus, Tottenham.

**Karim Benzema’s next club

4-5 Arsenal, 5-2 Manchester United, 7 PSG, 8 Juventus, 16 Monaco.

**Saido Berahino’s next club

1-3 Tottenham, 3 Manchester City, 10 Manchester United, 12 Southampton, 20 Arsenal, Liverpool, 25 Everton.

**Kevin De Bruyne’s next club

1-3 Manchester City, 9-2 Bayern Munich, 8 PSG, 10 Manchester United, 14 Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, 16 Real Madrid, 20 Atletico Madrid, Barcelona.

**Edinson Cavani’s next club

1-2 Manchester United, 10-3 Juventus, 16 Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, 20 AC Milan, Chelsea, 33 Liverpool.

**Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s next club

6-4 AC Milan, 2 Manchester United, 9 Arsenal, 10 Real Madrid, 12 Manchester City, 14 Inter Milan, LA Galaxy, 20 Chelsea, 25 Roma, 33 Tottenham, Liverpool.

**Harry Kane’s next club

5-2 Manchester United, 4 Real Madrid, 5 Manchester City, 6 Chelsea, 8 Barcelona.

**Fernando Llorente’s next club

2 Arsenal, Sevilla, 8 Juventus, Real Madrid, 12 Porto, Manchester United, Tottenham, 20 Monaco, Wolfsburg.

**Pedro’s next club

1-6 Manchester United, 6 Chelsea, 10 Liverpool, PSG, 16 Inter Milan, 25 Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Manchester City, Tottenham.

**Paul Pogba’s next club

4-5 Manchester City, 9-4 Barcelona, 9 Chelsea, Real Madrid, 10 Bayern Munich, PSG, 20 Manchester United.


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