Coral’s tip of the week: Always split 8s!


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Why splitting in blackjack is so important!

If you’ve never split when playing blackjack then you don’t know what you’re doing quite frankly. In certain situations splitting is deadly and should be avoided completely, like for example splitting 10s against a dealer’s ace — that’s just daft.

On the other hand though, splitting can put you in a very powerful position, especially if your dealer is showing a weak card. For example, if you held a pair of 7s and the dealer was showing a 2, it would be wise to split as the dealer is more than likely to bust, or end up with a low-quality hand.

Sure, knowing when to split can be tricky, but there’s one hand you should always split on — 8s!

Why splitting 8s is so important!

Think about it this way — 16 isn’t a great hand. It can easily be beaten by the dealer. 18 on the other hand is quite the powerful hand and with two eights on the table, there’s a good chance you’ll land at least one eighteen.

If you were to hit with 16, you’d have a 60% chance of busting out straight away — not great odds at all. Alternatively, if you split, it’s impossible to bust! Fantastic!

What about splitting aces?

You should also always split aces, no matter what the situation is. Don’t even bother arguing the point, it’s moot — just do it regardless and you’ll end up winning in the long-run.

So, there you go, the best thing to do with a pair of 8s is split them! Head on over to our casino tab and start splitting those 8s! Good luck at the tables from the Coral team!

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