Sports quiz of the week: Test your knowledge of events from November 21-27!


Coral’s sports quiz of the week for November 21-27

The past week from November 21-27 saw a whole host of sports events occur, from the climax of the Formula 1 season to the Premier League, plus many more.

Other competitions such as the Champions League, darts Players Championship Finals, UK Championship snooker and Test rugby and cricket all took place over the last few days, but how much of it all do you remember?

Fancy yourself as a bit of a sporting whizz? Then try out Coral’s ultimate testing quiz!

Courtesy of Sporcle, we’ve set up this sports quiz of the week, consisting of 15 questions with multiple choice answers, so see how well you do in the allotted time of 6 minutes:

The likes of England in the cricket and rugby union, against India and Argentina respectively, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg tussling in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as well as a number of Premier League, Champions League and Europa League teams feature in this version of our sports quiz, so make sure you’ve done your revision!

Or, why not just simply see if you’re a natural and test your subconscious knowledge and memory of recent events?

Be the envy of all your friends as there’s no better to way to prove your prowess and sporting knowledge than with this brainbuster quiz.


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Feel free to let us know how you did and if you were able to complete the quiz within 6 minutes in the comments section underneath!

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