Coral’s most difficult football quiz yet


Can you name all 10 of these iconic goals?

Thousands of goals are scored around the world every season, but there’s always a few that live long in the memory and gain iconic status.

With that mind, the Coral News team decided to compile a quiz to see if football aficionados could identify 10 impressive goals with only our visual aides to go off.

Have a look below and see how many you can get. If you’re struggling, the answers can be found at the bottom of the page.


Name that goal

  1. A) Diego Maradona (v England, 1986)
  2. B) Lionel Messi (v Athletic Bilbao, 2015)
  3. C) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (v NAC Breda, 2004)


Name that goal

  1. A) Zinedene Zidane (v Bayer Leverkusen, 2002)
  2. B) Paul Gascoigne (v Scotland, 1996)
  3. C) Paolo Di Canio (v Wimbledon, 2000)


Name that goal

  1. A) Eric Cantona (v Sunderland, 1996)
  2. B) Francesco Totti (v Inter, 2005)
  3. C) Lionel Messi (v Mexico, 2007)


Name that goal

  1. A) Cristiano Ronaldo (v Valencia, 2014)
  2. B) Thierry Henry (v Leeds, 2004)
  3. C) Gianfranco Zola (v Norwich, 2002)


Name that goal

  • A) Tomas Rosicky (v Sunderland, 2014)
  • B) Dennis Bergkamp (v Newcastle, 2002)
  • C) Jose Antonio Reyes (v Standard Liege, 2014)


Name that goal

  • A) Cristiano Ronaldo (v Arsenal, 2009)
  • B) Roberto Carlos (v France, 1997)
  • C) Elan (v Newcastle, 2007)


Name that goal

  • A) Peter Schmeichel (v Rotor Volgograd, 1995)
  • B) Mart Poom (v Derby, 2003)
  • C) Jimmy Glass (v Plymouth, 1999)


Name that goal

  • A) David Beckham (v Wimbledon, 1996)
  • B) Charlie Adam (v Cheslea, 2015)
  • C) Xabi Alonso (v Newcastle, 2006)


Name that goal

  • A) Alexis Sanchez (v Man Utd, 2015)
  • B) Olivier Giroud (v Crystal Palace, 2017)
  • C) Jamie Vardy (v Germany, 2016)


Name that goal

  • A) Mesut Ozil (v Bournemouth, 2016)
  • B) Fernando Torres (v Blackburn, 2009)
  • C) Robin van Persie (v Aston Villa, 2013)

So, how did you do? Check the answers at the bottom of the page and see what grade you’ve earned. Let us know how you got on in the comments section below!

1-3 Correct answers – F (you need to watch more videos on YouTube!)

4-7 Correct answers – C (Par for the course, the least that’s expected)

8-9 Correct answers – A (Nice, you really know your goals. Pat yourself on the back!)

10 Correct answers – A* (You probably cheated, but who cares?!)

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Answers: 1. a) 2. b) 3. a) 4. c) 5. b) 6. b) 7. c) 8. a) 9. c) 10. a) 

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