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To celebrate the release of our brand new Coral Vegas app we’ve decided to round up some of the amazing slots that you can get your hands on. Download the app and open up a whole world of casino gaming, or take a look below to see what we’ve got on offer!

Cash Shot

Your two favourite people from the TV ads are back and ready for action in Coral Vegas with Carley and Farley’s Cash Shot. One for the football fans as you can tell from the images, load it up and you are ready to go. Adjusting the total bet will allow you to potentially increase your earnings, with all the ways to win detailed under the ‘info’ link.

The auto-play feature makes enjoying the game that little bit easier. Simply hit that up and you can sit back, relax and watch as the spins work automatically and hopefully watch the winnings pile up. There’s also a high roller option for the risk-takers amongst us, with various enhanced spins and bonuses available. You can win up to £50 from a £1 spin if you manage to bag enough ‘bonus bank’ symbols, which is a great return.

The graphics are bright, related to theme and make it an easy watch, particularly if you’re on your mobile, all of which combine to make this slot something that’ll appeal to all the football fans out there — and perhaps many more.


You can follow the road to Rome with many prizes to collect on the way in this great slot. After a great intro video that clearly outlines what the game is about, you will be ready to start your journey through Rome, battling it out with the fierce gladiators of yesteryear.

The pay-table outlines all you need to know when it comes to winning, starting with what each of the regular symbols is worth. However, what makes this game great is the amount of bonuses and free bets that are accessible to the player and you will also find details of that under the pay-table.

To activate the features, you will need three or more bonus symbols which will allow you to spin the bonus and set you up on your path to glory. These features include ‘prizes on parade’ which allows you to build up prizes across your shields, and the ‘Road to Rome’  bonus, which sees the player travel across the board trying to win the grand prize at the end. As well as that, you can activate power spins and free spins, which will certainly do you no harm when it comes to trying to build up your pot.

Overall, with the graphics and sounds following the theme and the great bonus features, this is a slot that you can really enjoy and try and win with. It’s easy to use, with an auto-play option which will allow you to watch your quest to glory unfold before you.

Legends of Racing: Jump Season

Coral Vegas has the ultimate slot for horse racing fans. Once you have picked out which legend you want, get ready to spin and watch as some of the all-time greats flash up on your phone. With free spins and high roller options available, it could prove more successful than your recent days down at the races.

As well as the obvious positive of featuring some of the legends that will invariably draw fans, this slot has a lot of features that make it accessible to slot fans that may not be interested in horse racing. There are free spins available and you can gamble on certain occasions by trying to find the right horse under a card in order to boost your winnings. Will you take the risk?

Furthermore, this is an easy game to play, with the ‘info’ button giving you chance to discover what each spin could be worth and how to win. The auto-play feature is another good aspect for the user as it allows them to stick to their spins.

So, why not give it a go, and hopefully the horses that have done the business for you in the past will once again make their presence felt!

Money Multiplier

If the title of this slot doesn’t draw you in to Coral Vegas, then nothing will. So how do you actually multiply your money then, I hear you asking? Fairly simple, land three or more of the ‘M’ symbols and you’re ready to take on the challenge of the free spins and the multiplier. As you can see, three money symbols will activate 10 free spins, four will activate 15 free spins, while five symbols will give you a whopping 20 free spins that are desperate to be multiplied.

Of course, there are many ways to win without multiplying and all the details on what each spin is worth can be found under the ‘info’ button which will make the game clear. The wild symbols act as the best way to increase your winnings on the normal spins, with those symbols worth more than the regular ones.

From a game-play perspective, this is straightforward to use; it has an auto-play feature and is rather simple to adjust your bets depending on how lucky you are feeling. So, why not give it a go, it could be the perfect way for you to really multiply those winnings and have a day to remember.

Rainbow Riches

The Rainbow Riches slot game is here and is a great way for you to try and hit some big jackpots. The first pleasing feature from a gamers perspective is before the game starts you get to choose three bonus features to use during your game, out of the five possible options. They include free spins and other bonuses that will boost your cash prize along the journey. But don’t worry, after each spin you can click the ‘reset bonus’ button to change your mind if you think you’ve made the wrong decision.

As for the game-play, the ‘i’ icon allows the gamer to read what each symbol is worth and develop an understanding of what they need to do to win. To activate the bonus games you need to get the three of the symbols from the games that you picked.  This will start you up on your road to riches with the chance to multiply some of the winnings along the way, which just shows how many ways there are to win on this slot.

The graphics are bright and colourful, which you would expect from the idea behind the game and that makes it easy for the player to know what’s going to on. Like all of the good games, it is easy to understand how to play and you can adjust the stake and value of each bet down the left hand side if you are feeling more daring.

Overall, this is a game that will invariably attract a lot of players who will be hoping that they can get lucky. There are so many ways to win and you have the freedom to decide which bonuses you want to use. which gives you a greater sense of involvement. This all combines to make this a brilliant slot for the players.

This is just a taster of what Coral Vegas has to offer when it comes to the slots. With great graphics and awesome soundtracks, these easy-to-play slots will be great to experience in any format. However, more importantly, they all give you the chance of winning with the range of bonuses and free bets that are on offer! Of course, if you fancy a whirl of our amazing range of casino games instead, you can find them all here!

So, get over to Coral Vegas and have some fun, whether it’s on one of these slots or the range of options that we have available! 

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