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The Top Dog at poker will win regular cash prizes

| 15.12.2016

There’s some great news for Coral Poker fans, because the extremely popular Top Dog promotion will continue to run into 2017. If you haven’t played it, you’re missing out, because there’s £500 in cash available each week – if you can stand out on our fantastic poker tables. Prove your... View Article

Get great rewards from the Coral Poker loyalty scheme

| 14.12.2016

What’s the point of playing great casino games online unless you’re going to be rewarded for your service? Coral’s fantastic new poker loyalty scheme is our answer to this problem. Carry on playing poker as usual and you’ll get bonuses depending on how many points you earn per month. Now... View Article

Spice up Sunday with half-time poker

| 25.11.2016

With the prospect of a week at work looming, you need to have something to look forward to on a Sunday. A roast dinner and some Premier League football is a start, but here at Coral we felt like we had to do our bit – and poker fans are... View Article

Five reasons you should play poker on your mobile!

| 23.11.2016

Playing poker is great fun, the challenge of beating your opponent or trying to bluff your way to victory, makes it a thrilling game. Here at Coral, our impressive poker tab gives you plenty of choice, with daily tournaments and great challenges that allow you to put your skills to... View Article

Five of the biggest poker controversies

| 18.11.2016

Whether it’s playing or watching, poker can be a thrilling game. The chance to outsmart your opponents and grab some big wins means that it appeals to many players, however, only a select few can make it to the professional level. With the best players in the world facing off,... View Article

Five of the Best Casino Movies

| 10.11.2016

Whether you are on the Las Vegas strip surrounded by the bright lights, in a smaller local casino, or playing online with Coral, the thrill of the games doesn’t change. The nerves and tension as the roulette wheel spins, the intense, quick-thinking that’s required in blackjack or trying to bluff... View Article

Try out Twister Poker with Coral

| 04.11.2016

At Coral, we want to give you the best experience possible when playing, and that includes offering a wide selection of games. At our poker tab, you get your favourite rooms, great offers and our very own Twister Poker – and if you haven’t played it yet, you’re in for a treat.... View Article

Experience a whole week of promotions with Coral poker!

| 02.11.2016

Playing poker is great entertainment. From the challenge of trying to bluff your way through with an average hand, or raising the stakes as you have a flush, there are many elements that make it enjoyable. However, here at Coral, we want to give you more than just a fantastic... View Article