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A whole new world: living life online

| 21.05.2018

The world we live in now looks very different to the one that existed just 50 years ago – and we’ve got technology to thank for the changes. But how has the rise of the internet, the introduction of social media and the invention of live streaming changed things? What... View Article

The most common roulette strategies

| 22.03.2018

Roulette may be a game of chance, but there are a range of strategies and betting systems you can learn and employ to boost your odds, and your enjoyment. If you’re going to play roulette the strategies below will help you do just that. Players have developed a number of... View Article

The UK’s Favourite Christmas Games | Coral

| 19.12.2017

Christmas: it’s a time for festive food, celebrations with loved ones and… games! The festive season often brings family and friends together, and for the adults among us, when the conversation runs dry the good old-fashioned games tend to make an appearance. We surveyed the grown-ups of our nation to... View Article

Learn How to Play Blackjack – For Beginners and Advanced Players

| 14.11.2017

Learn the basics of how to play blackjack by using our interactive blackjack tutoiral videos, we go over key points to rememeber when playing the game and even guide you through serveral example situations to help you learn blackjack quickly. How to Use: Watch the video directly below Towards the end... View Article

How to Master Roulette with the Best Roulette Strategies

| 09.10.2017

Roulette has long been a firm favourite for casino-goers all over the world. This simple and fast-paced game brings excitement, mystery and the chance for serious betters to win big. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, you all have the same chance of winning. All it takes is... View Article

The History of the Slot Machine

| 03.10.2017

Slot machines are one the most popular games ever invented. This age-old machine has adapted overtime, steadily progressing with the evolution of technology. So now, whether online or land-based, there are quite literally thousands of games to choose from. Here we look back at the origins of the great slot... View Article

Find Classic Slot Machines

| 03.10.2017

The thrill of the next spin of the wheel along with the lights, sounds and graphics, is enough to leave you wanting to play on a slot machine for hours. Personally owning your own slot machine is a great way to play for free and enjoy endless evenings playing slots. ... View Article

Buyers Guide to Slot Machines

| 01.10.2017

Ever wondered how you can play an unlimited number of games on a slot machine and not lose a penny? Buy your own slot machine of course! Satisfy your game cravings, play any time you want, and if the house wins? You win! It’s a win-win situation. Here we list... View Article

Check out Coral’s Bet & Spin Boxing Day special!

| 21.12.2016

Boxing Day is a key date in the Premier League calendar and you can enjoy the football and festivities even more with our Bet & Spin offer. For those of you that aren’t aware, you can scoop a casino bonus up to £/€100 just for betting on the big games.... View Article