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Enjoy the best online live casino around with Coral, as we offer customers a truly great casino experience in 2015.

How high can you go with Live Hi-Lo?

| 20.04.2016

Live Hi-Lo Hi-lo, or ‘high or low’ is a game where you have to guess, well, whether a card is going to be higher or lower than the previous card. There’s nothing much more to it than that, and on the surface seems somewhat un-entertaining, but we’ll be honest, it’s... View Article

Live Casino Marathon Cash Giveaway!

| 13.04.2016

Coral’s Live Casino Giveaway! It’s time for another amazing live casino giveaway from Coral, and guess what – this one’s gonna be a big one! All you’ve got to do is pull up a seat at any of our live blackjack, roulette tables via our live casino tab between now... View Article

Grand National Blackjack Bonanza!

| 04.04.2016

It’s the Grand National Gold Card Bonus Bonanza! The Grand National is fast approaching us and to celebrate this monumental horse racing event we’ve got thousands in cash to offer. All you have to do is play VIP blackjack throughout the week before to win free bets on the Grand... View Article

Win a trip to Monte Carlo playing live casino!

| 31.03.2016

Random Monte Carol drops up for grabs! Monte Carol is the place of dreams, famous for the Place du Casino – roughly translated to ‘Casino Place’ – and the absolute decadence of its residents. It has almost become the pilgrimage for all casino and gaming fans, and if often cited... View Article

Coral’s £200 live casino welcome bonus!

| 29.03.2016

Introducing the offer of a lifetime! At Coral, we think you should be a winner the moment you join, and that’s why we’re offering all of our new customers a £200 live casino welcome bonus. You can find more out about the live bonus here, or by reading this article.... View Article

How to download the live casino app!

| 28.03.2016

Live casino on the go with Coral! Live casino is the ultimate casino experience, where instead of playing against a computer – like regular online casino – you get to play against a real life dealer! Playing live casino has so many advantages over playing regular casino. You have all... View Article

It’s weekly bonus time for Coral’s Live Casino!

| 03.03.2016

Bag a 10% bonus with Coral’s weekly live bonus! Sometimes regular online casino simply won’t cut it – we understand; playing against a computer can get a little bland. That’s why we’ve got our heads together, released our amazing new live casino and rolled out bonus after bonus in an... View Article

Bag a random cash drop with Coral’s live casino!

| 12.02.2016

200 cash gifts to give away for all live casino players! There’s nothing better than finding £20 in your pocket that you knew nothing about. Those little random treats in life that come at the best possible time. Well, for one week only, we’ve decided to drop 200 lucky players... View Article

£50 bonus this weekend with Coral’s live casino!

| 04.02.2016

Coral’s live casino is beyond anything else… If you haven’t already heard, Coral’s live casino has been a roaring success. Our brand new live platform has taken the gambling world by storm. We now offer an amazing range of live casino services such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, hold’em and hi-lo.... View Article

Grab a cash bonus with our Live Casino £5K no catch cash!

| 28.01.2016

Our live casino has been up and running for the last few months now and to celebrate we’ve decided to dish out a whopping 200 cash bonuses between now and the 3rd of February! For every £10 you wager on our variety of live casino table games you will earn... View Article