Can’t sleep? Love Bingo? Head to the Night Owl room!


As long days turn to long nights and the amber leaves start to fall from the aged trees, finding time to do things through the day becomes more difficult than ever. If you’re one of the many who consider yourself a ‘night-time’ person, but often find yourself bored at night, then Coral might just have the solution for you. Introducing our Night Owl Games!

Bingo after midnight

Sometimes, in life, there isn’t enough time for bingo. We work hard, study hard and at the end of the week, we just want to kick-back and relax with our loved ones. But unfortunately, this leaves us with little time to play the games we love, whether that’s FIFA 17, chess, or bingo.

Well, if you’re a fan of the latter of the three, there is a way — Night Owl Bingo. Here you can get your bingo fix while everyone else is in bed, allowing you to play bingo stress free. Or maybe you’re on the road overnight and fancy something to keep you entertained throughout the long-haul journey. If that’s the case, Night Owl bingo is for you!

Sounds great, but when can we play?

Night Owl bingo take place from 12am to 6am, every day of the week. This means you can ditch that shocking late-night television and get down to some proper bingo action. And by the way, it all takes place in the Megamax room.

With £10,000 up for grabs every night, along with hit games such as Roll On, Bogof, Early Morning Penny Bingo, Golden Ticket, 1TG & 2TG bingo, the Night Owl room is where it’s all happening!

So, what are you waiting for? If the moon is out, and the clock has stuck midnight, there’s only once place to go! The Night Owl room! Grab your dabbers (shhh, don’t wake everyone up) and experience the thrill of bingo!

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