Bookies slash odds on royal baby sharing Queen’s birthday


Bookmaker Coral has slashed the odds on the royal baby sharing a birthday with his or her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, following a flurry of bets this morning. It’s now 10-1 from 14-1 that the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth tomorrow, on Her Majesty’s birthday, while there has also been a gamble on the royal couple naming the baby Elizabeth at odds of 6-1.

“The royal baby could steal the Queen’s thunder tomorrow judging by the latest rush of bets and if the Duchess does give birth on her Majesty’s birthday, it’s very likely that the royal couple choose Elizabeth if they have a baby princess,” said Coral’s Nicola McGeady.

The latest odds indicate that the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to a girl at 4-7, while it’s 11-8 that she has another son, with twins still just 2-1.


**Royal Baby Date of Birth

10-1 21st April, , 10-1 April 25th, 11-1 24th April, 11-1 26th April, 12-1 23rd April, 12-1 27th April, 13-1 22nd April, 13-1 28th April, 14-1 29th April, 15-1 30th April, 16-1 1st May, 17-1 2nd May, 22-1, 18-1 3rd May, 19-1 4th May, 20-1 5th May, 21-1 6th May, 22-1 Bar.

**Royal Baby Name – Coral bet

5-4 Alice, 5-1 Charlotte, 6-1 Elizabeth, 12-1 Alexandra, 12-1 Victoria, 20-1 Arthur, Diana, Henry, James, 25-1 Mary, 33-1 Bar

**Gender of Royal baby – Coral bet

4-7 Girl, 11-8 Boy





**Weight of baby – Coral bet

13-8 7lb to 7lb 15oz, 2-1 8lb to 8lb 15oz, 7-2 6lb to 6lb 15oz, 10-1 9lb to 9lb 15oz, 14-1 5lb to 5lb 15oz, 33-1 4lb 15oz or less, 40-1 10lb or over

**Time of birth – Coral bet

Evens Morning (midnight to 11.59am), 2-1 Evening (6pm – 11.59pm), 3-1 Afternoon (midday to 5.59pm)

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