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What’s Your Casino IQ?

| 01.10.2019

Many of us enjoy playing online casino games in our spare time. In fact, four million British people played online casino games in the last year.

But how many of us are confident in our knowledge – what’s Your Casino IQ?

Recent research conducted by Coral Casino found that 73% of British online casino players were confident in their Casino IQ, believing that they know most, if not all, the casino rules, terms and plays.

But the same study also revealed that many of the most common casino terms were lost on players.

More than a quarter of British players think ‘flop’ means having a rubbish time at the casino, while a similar percentage believe ‘wonging’ means closing your eyes while playing poker.

Will you fare any better?

Discover Your Casino IQ and brush up on your knowledge with Coral Casino’s exclusive interactive quiz.



Kevin Morillo